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Tips for Preventing Tip-overs ...

Tips for Preventing Tip-Overs Tip 1 For best stability, place the unit on level ground. A flat, paved surface is the best option, if available. Tip 2 Place stakes in the unit's base or skid, and make sure they are installed in a way that prevents them from being trip hazards. Many PROS charge their customers a fee for staking down units, so if you plan to do this, make sure it is included in the contract. Tip 3 If the ground is too hard to hammer in stakes, you may be able to use ratchet straps. Connect the unit to a sturdy nearby structure like a fence or tree and crank the ratchet until the straps are taut. Tip 4 Place the unit against a building or structure to shield it from the wind. Tip 5 When available, place the unit inside an enclosure. This is a common setup at parks, golf courses and municipalities that offers maximum protection from the wind. Tip 6 When delivering multiple units to the same site, place them in rows when possible. This makes it far less likely that a unit will tip to its side, although you may need to stake down the outside units. Disclaimer: Content provided by JohnTalk is intended solely for general information purposes. JohnTalk does not claim to offer legal, tax, investment or accounting advice. We do not accept liability for direct or indirect losses resulting from the use of information provided. For specific advice about starting or investing in a business, consult with a qualified and licensed professional. A Publication of JOHN

Tips for Preventing Tip-overs ...

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