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Things You May Not Know About Facebook

facebook. FACTS YOU PROBABLY DIDNT KNOW Chances are good you have a Facebook profile. Chances are even better that, if you do have an account, you check it at least once a day. You might be a professional Farmviller or the President of 100 Facebook groups, but do you really know Facebook and what you've gotten yourself into? It's time for a little Facebook re-education. Facebook was initially bank-rolled by Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal. $500,000investment His helped launch the Facebook phenomenon. PayPal In the beginning, Facebook was almost shut down by a lawsuit. ConnectU, a competitor, claimed Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook, as well as the technology to create it. The issue was settled out of court of an undisclosed amount. Today, 400 million people May log onto their facebook profile at least once every month. 50% are on the site every day. Facebook is an international sensation. 70% of Facebook users live outside the U.S. and the site is available in more than 70 different languages. Half of Denmark has an active Facebook profile (2,421,380 people out of 5,484,723 total). Top Websites By Traffic: Google facebook. You Tube euilkec * myspace 11 19 In 2006, Yahoo offered Zuckerburg $1 billion, which he refused. In 2009, Facebook was valued at $4 billion. Today, it is valued between $7.9 - $11 billion. 2006 2009 Today Most Popular Facebook Pages: TARR SUCKS COFFE Monthly amount of time spent on Facebook: 8.3 billion hours Average number of Facebook friends: 130 Total number of active applications: 550,000+ (this figure increases daily) Number of servers running Facebook's infrastructure: 10,000 (estimated) Amount raised to fund these (and future) servers: $100 million Woman aged 55 and up are the fastest growing Facebook demographic in America Biggest Myth: Facebook accesses user profile information and stores it, even after the account is deactivated. (Actually, this is partly true. Facebook user content, like images, can be stored on other people's profiles, too. After the account is disabled, these images can still be seen on their pages.) Façebook has become so popular, psychologists identified a new mental health disorder: Facebook Addiction Disorder In Australia, Facebook has infiltrated the court system: • Court notices can be served through Facebook • A Facebook summons is considered legally binding 2007 $150 mil Facebook makes money through advertising and virtual products. Advertisers use profile information to market specifically to certain users. 2008 $300 mil 2009 $600-700 mil 2010 $1 billion (projected) Status Update Word Trends of 2009: (words that increased in frequency the most between 2008 and 2009) E 1. Facebook Applications FML 2. 3. Swine Flu 12. Lady Gaga 13. Yard 14. Religion Dln by Ka de Tabunso wfecbook/DK UnlineSchools r2000/01/31/1ecebook fan-d arabo.///acebook drighenos be nad de TO n e00 on treck towend

Things You May Not Know About Facebook

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It is no doubt a cultural phenomenon. Facebook has changed the way we interact as human beings across the globe. Networking has been redefined as we know it because of Facebook socialization. However,...


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