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Teens Online: Keeping Your Child Safe From Cyberbullying

TEENS ONLINE: KEEPING YOUR CHILD SAFE FROM CYBERBULLYING In the US today, there are... 20 21.5 Preteens (8-12) Teenagers (13-17) 8.6 14.5 are on are on חRILLI Facebook MILLION Facebook 7.8 9.2 are on are on MILLION mobile MILLION mobile Of ALL these young people, however... 25% have been bullied D$#! on the internet 62% have witnessed cyberbullying BUT 98% WILL NOT TELL THEIR PARENTS OR AN ADULT WHEN CYBERBULLYING OCCURS HIDING ONLINE ACTIVITY IS A COMMON OCCURRENCE A recent survey found that 70% of teens have taken some action to hide their online behavior from their parents. In 2010, that number was only 45%! HOW ARE THEY HIDING THEIR ACTIVITY? 53.3% Clearing browser history 46% 23% 23% Closing or minimizing browser when parents walk in Lying about online behavior Using a computer their parents won't check 21.3% 28% Using an internet-enabled mobile device Manipulating privacy settings to block parents on social media 19.5% 19% 12.8% Using private or "invisible" browsing Hiding or deleting messages and videos Disabling parental controls modes 14.7% 8.7% Creating private email addresses unknown to parents Creating duplicate/fake social profiles OVERALL, 64% OF TEENS ARE CONFIDENT THEY CAN HIDE THEIR ONLINE ACTIVITY FROM THEIR PARENTS. WHAT ELSE ARE TEENS HIDING FROM PARENTS? 22% 15% cheating on tests via mobile phones hacking into someone else's social media account 31% 12% pirating music or movies meeting people in-person that they have met online. HOW CAN PARENTS HELP? Many are taking action to prevent it: 49.1% install parental controls 44.3% know their teens By monitoring a preteen or teen's online behavior, parents can identify and even prevent potentially dangerous behaviors or situations! 27% have taken away their teens' devices 18.3% use locating tracking 70 to monitor their teens PROTECTING YOUR CHILD IN THE DIGITAL AGE How can parents monitor their child's online activity without triggering their need to hide? Follow these few rules to make it a positive experience for everyone: START A CONVERSATION CE LINE DO NOT CROSS POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS PLICE LIN LICE UINE DO NOT CROSS PILICE LINE DO NOT CR W NUT CROSS POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS w Be sure to talk to your teen about risky online behaviors, cyberbullying, and monitoring. Information from monitoring can be used to open a dialogue with teens, and help avoid cyberbullying. POLICE LINE DO NOT COSS POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS PO CREATE A CONTRACT Create a contract with your teen so they know what's considered appropriate behavior. TEENAGER'S SMARTPHONE CONTRACT agree to the following points: 1. This is our--your parent's-phone. We bought it. We are loaning it to you. Aren't we the greatest? 2. We will always know the password. 3. If it rings, answer politely, every time. Do not ever ignore a phone call from "Mom" or "Dad." 4. Do not text, email, or say anything through this device you would not say in person. "Social contact by Janel Burly To ad the l contact vit tptitlymarthonecontract START EARLY As soon as your child is connected to the internet, they are going to be influenced by what and who is online. Monitoring your child from the start will ensure they learn how to navigate the online world safely. Children should be granted rights, but in a stage by stage manner that accords with and pays attention to their physical and mental development and capacities. Hillary Clinton (67th United States Secretary of State) DRAW BOUNDARIES Monitoring your child's activities is based on trust - and trust goes both ways. Establish ground rules of the types of behavior you expect to see, and give your child freedoms in return for good behavior. CUT DOWN DEVICE TIME If you're truly worried about a teen's actions online, don't just place limit their activity - limit their access. UNLIKE PARENTS, TEENS THESE DAYS AREN'T AS CONCERNED WITH PRIVACY. 91% 64% use their own photo have public Twitter accounts and real name on social media Lucy Abbington 28% 39% list their cell phone have public or partially public Facebook 555-223-4587 number on their most used profile accounts ONLY 9% are concerned about third party advertisers accessing their information on social With concern so low among teens, it often DOES fall to the parent to be informed of the consequences of online behavior! Cyberbullying can be a difficult topic to discuss, but open communication is extremely important! HOW WILL YOU HELP PROTECT YOUR TEEN? Brought to you by: SOURCES TeenSafe gryffin. uןררuOI

Teens Online: Keeping Your Child Safe From Cyberbullying

shared by gryffin on Jun 25
Most teens are online throughout the day and many face cyberbullying. As a parent, how can you help? Learn how to keep your child safe from cyberbullying when they're online.


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