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Tech Planning Vs. Zombies

TECH PLANNING YS. ZomBIES Vs. *In Haiti, it is a crime to turn someone into a zombie.. Article 249 states that if someone drugs a person, buries him as though he were dead, then digs the person up and brings him back to life, it is still considered murder. (effective tech Planning isn't illegal anywhere.) Official Voodoo zombification SUccess rate Only 3 out of 10 tech projects succeed. don't execute your "If you ideas, they die. - Roger von Oech - $80,000,000,000 is spent annually on canceled tech plans. SURVIVAL Checklist ZomBie kit TECH PLANNING KIT Water plan 1 gallon per person per day Goals check they are aligned to the strategic plan Food stock-up on non-perishable items Medications both prescription & non-prescription meds make sure the project is worth it Stakeholders know who is involved & why they care Benefits & Costs Tools & Supplies a utility knife and duct tape are a must Risks pitfalls that can kill your initiative Sanitation & Hygiene Products Logistics & Timelines household bleach, soap, towels, etc. plan ahead and set a schedule Clothing a change of clothes for each person Vender Criteria don't reinvent the wheel if a solution exists Important Documents copies of photo ID, birth certificate, etc. Available Resources what existing technology is available First Aid Kit .but you're a goner if a zombie bites you Communication share relevant info with stakeholders Rollout to pilot or not to pilot, that is the question Encouraging Adoption train, support, praise (and repeat) INICASE OF EMERGENCY Measuring Success with goals in mind, adjust as needed ZomBiE EmErgEncy IMPLEMENTATION CRISIS 1. go to pre-determined meeting place 1. emergency-smergency 2. call designated emergency contacts 3. follow planned evacuation procedure If you ensure you have a Solid plan in place before implementation, Brains Brains Brains. no emergency plon is needed! According to lore, zombies attack to consume brains. Zombie lore also indicates that the only way to 'kill' a zombie is to damage its brain or cut off its head...eww. So, basically your brain is a use it or lose it tool, MEET YOUR MATCH. TYPES of ZomBiES -TYPES OF PLANNERS slow Zombies Slow movements, going through rigor mortis; one need-consume cerebral tissue. detail through; rarely move to action. Plodder Planner Methodically-thinking even the smallest Pushy Planner Develop no real plan; move fast without worry of risk or real-world implications. Fast Zombies Associated with biohazard chemicals or viruses, they are violent walking corpses. Mutated Zombies Reanimated by a Voodoo Sorcerer, these zombies have no free will. Scope-Creep Planner The sky is the limit; plan becomes too immense for any realistic implementation. Smart Zombies Very rare; learn and remember using weapons and tactics, never underestimate. Collaborative Planner Work together, consider all possibilities, and make sure projects fit district needs. Effective Planner Utilize all tools to make planning simple, Swimming Zombies Though most can't swim, those that can would spread a zombie invasion world-wide. collaborative, and aligned to district goals. on A more While comparing effective tech planning to a zombie apocalypse is fun, it's far from a laughing matter. SErious note To help ensure your district's tech initiative is a success, download the complimentary eBook From Inspiration to Implementation: A Guide to Effective Tech Implementation at The eBook serves as an in-depth guide to assist school leaders in asking the right questions and analyzing all the angles to turn that into just as great a reality. tech idea And, when you're ready to get your initiative started, Atomic Learning is ready with tools to help. (The zombies, however, are on their own.) /IN Staff Technology Training Classroom Impactful Results Development Integration To date, there have been no known tech initiatives planned by zombies. http://blogs.cdc.gow/publichealthmatters/2011/05/preparedness-101-zombie-apocalypse/ Ptomic Learning

Tech Planning Vs. Zombies

shared by AtomicLearning on Apr 09
Most people would rather face a zombie apocalypse than build and implement a district-wide technology initiative. Why? Because while ideas are exciting, translating these ideas into executable, strat...


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