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Surface Preparation: Corrosion Engineering

Res POWERTHERM CONTRACT SERVICES LTD Surface Preparation for Corrosion Engineering 80% Approximately poor surface preparation or poor paint application. No matter how good the paint is, it will not perform to its full capabilities on a poorly prepared surface or if poorly applied. of paint failures are caused by either Below is a summary of some of the different techniques and treatments to help with surface preparation. Abrasive Blast Cleaning Abrasive blast-cleaning is the common term for all methods using abrasives that are propelled toward the surface to be cleaned at very high speed. Usually, this speed can be around 220 mph (350 km/h) on impact This procedure produces a surface profile, the quality of which will influence the performance of any protective paint coating. One advantage of blast cleaning is that it provides a surface profile (anchor pattern) that can be tailored to suit the coatings being used. Hand and Power Tool Cleaning Cleaning by hand tool is a great method to prepare small areas, areas with difficult access, or areas where the use of blast cleaning is not permitted, or it is impractical. There are a variety of different tools available, including: P Rotary wire brush - available in various forms to fit specific machines, including cup and radial form, knotted or crimpled bristles. Wire brushes have good resistance to wear and tear. P Reciprocating impact tool (needle gun) - this tool consists of a group of steel needles that are struck by a piston, like a chisel. This is most effective on brittle or loose surface contaminants. IP Grinders or sanders. These are used in metal and nonmetal surface preparation, grinding concrete, and for generation of non-slip surfaces. P Rotary impact or scarifying tools - generally consist of an abrasive material spinning at high speeds, using centrifugal force to project cutters or hammers against the surface. These tools are rapid but can leave oil and grease behind which must be cleaned. Water Jetting Some of the core benefits of using water jetting for surface preparation include: P Revealing of existing profiles, negating the need for additional abrasive blasting. IP Reducing the amount of solid waste; wash water can be filtered to remove solid particles, tested for contaminants, and disposed of as non-hazardous waste, or re-used. IP Having materials supplied from coating manufacturers that can be applied onto water jetting prepared surfaces. P Been referred to as a dustless system, which mitigates disturbance. P Effective at removing soft elastomeric materials, such as rubber. P Having no abrasive used, thus avoiding expensive landfill costS. Sectors that make use of Industrial and Specialist Coatings Power plants including nuclear Commercial / buildings internal & external Petrochemical Food Oil & Gas processing / Hospitals Bridges and other waterway structures Education Tank farms Residential and vessels Warehouses Railway infrastructure Powertherm For a comprehensive range of services within the industrial and specialist coatings industry, contact Powertherm. From high class decoration to corrosion engineering, Powertherm have the experience, expertise and skill to apply all types of protective coatings. With in house NACE certified paint inspectors you can be sure all coatings achieve associated specifications. Their operatives are also qualified under the Industrial Coatings Applicator Scheme (ICATS) and the Institute of Corrosion. For more details about industrial and specialist coatings please visit specialist-coatings POWERTHERM CS CONTRACT SERVICES LTD nga. nqa. nqa. ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001 QUALITY MANAGEMENT HEALTH & SAFETY MANAGEMENT ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT +44 (0) 114 288 9119 [email protected] Francis House, Orgreave Drive, Handsworth, Sheffield, S13 9NR

Surface Preparation: Corrosion Engineering

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Here we talk about the importance of surface preparation for corrosion engineering. We will also go on to highlight the different techniques and treatments to help with surface preparation.


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