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SUBMERGED IN MEMORIES XIN'ANJIANG HYDROPOWER STATION 290,000 Sept 21, 1959 residents were évacuated/displaced people evacuated from Sui'an county 290,000 PUTTING IT IN PERSPECTIVE how many people is 290,0007 population of Iceland FEDEX employees 290,000 319,575 Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest 91,000 The Xin'anjiang Hydropower Station, whose construction started in 1957, was China's first large-scale hydropower station. In 1960, the station became Beijing Workers operational, producing an annual 18 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity- about four times the electricity available in the country, in 1949. 66,161 PAGODA The city is under 30 meters of water, as it is built on After returning to their homes years after it was sunk, old Lion City residents can still pinpoint where they used to live. an incline. North Gate Jin Jianren Age: 61 Current location: Hangzhou The Lion City Museum opened in 2011 and memorializes Lion City's history. It has a replica of City's pagoda. Big West Lion East Gate Yu Mingsheng Age: 84 Current location: Qiandaohu City Gate THE LIONS Mr. Jiang's house. Age: 74 Current location: Hangzhou Small West Gate Tian Dongmen Age: 75 Current location: Nangxi province Lion City has a guardian lion distinct from most others. It rests one of its paws on a rotating ball. UNDER 30 METERS, EXPLAINED South Gate 40 THE ARCHWAY 30 20 10 Chichen Itza 30 meters Temple of Heaven 38 meters 1,391 5,371 11 2.5 km 62 The Jie Xiao Memorial Archway near Lion City's north gate was built during the Emperor Qianlong period (1736-95) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to pay tribute to the filial piety of a woman, years of history residents at the time of the memorial arches of wall circles the city soccer pitches, the size of Lion City relocation who stuck to her widowhood from the age of 18 unti her death at 71.its A MAN REMEMBERS HIS TOWN exquisite stone carvings remain well preserved underwater. PEOPLE GO BUT WATER COMES Many residents were moved to other provinces, such as Jiangxi and Anhui. POWER Nanjing Shanghal Aangjiazhen Hangzhou CHINA CHINA Qiandaohu in Zhejiang Province The city had electricity before it was submerged. Former lacquer painter Dong Tianmen spent his last year at Lion City sketching his hometown to preserve memories of his soon to be submerged home. GUILLERMO MUNRO/CHINA DAILY


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A graphic about submerged cities, usually to make way for Hydroelectric plants. The reporter went back and interviewed 4 elderly men who live there.


China Daily


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