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Spotting a Hidden Handgun

Spotting a hidden handgun ASYMMETRICAL GAIT UPPER BODY SHIFT When approached from the front, a person with a hidden gun will instinctively turn the gun side of his body away from the person approaching. and may veer to that side to avoid a face-to-face encounter. He is also likely to pull his arm in toward his body on the gun side. A gun in a right-hand pocket or tucked into the right side of a waistband may hinder leg movement on that side, making the right stride shorter than the left. A slightly clipped arm swing may also signal a hidden gun: the forearm on the gun side will tend to stay close to the body, instinctively guarding the weapon. Short stride Short arm swing on gun side on gun side RIGHT STRIDE LEFT STRIDE A QUICK ADJUSTMENT RUNNING FROM THE RAIN A gun's weight is distributed unevenly, with more of its weight in the grip than in the barrel. Vertical motion – like descending stairs or stepping onto a curb tends to shift the barrel upward. A quick, circular movement of the hand or forearm adjusts the gun's position. When running toward shelter from rain, or across a busy street, a person concealing a gun is likely to brace the weapon with an arm or hand. Gun's original Weighted grip position in waistband slips downward; barrel rises HAND REPOSITIONS GUN GUN HIDDEN UNDER JACKET CONSPICUOUS CLOTHING Garments worn to conceal weapons often appear odd, mismatched, or out of season, and can actually draw attention to a person trying to avoid scrutiny. A closer look may reveal movements or other characteristic signs of a hidden handgun. JACKET FITS UNEVENLY HAND RESTSs One side hangs lower than the other, and swings like a pendulum with each step feels for gun HOLSTER BULGES STYLES DON'T MATCH CLOTHES DON'T SUIT WEATHER ON GUN Hand constantly A holstered gun appears as a lump when arms are extended or when the through clothing body bends at the waist Oversized or mismatched coat seems incompatible with other clothing A coat is open in cold weather, for quick access to a ... or closed in hot weather, to gun... conceal one Source: Robert T. Gallagher, former detective, Anti-Robbery Tactical Unit, New York City Police Department Megan Jaegerman

Spotting a Hidden Handgun

shared by amie on Mar 25
Spotting a concealed handgun may be easier than you think. This infographic illustrates how to spot a concealed handgun based on stride, clothing choices, and body positioning.


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