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Speaking of Languages

пепо пепо 你好 Hola SPEAKING OF LANGUAGES. Hello Hello Hola More than 6.8 billion people live on Planet Earth, each speaking at least one of nearly 7,000 languages. Read on to see the current and future states of our world's many languages. 10 MOST SPOKEN LANGUAGES WHAT ARE THE IN THE WORLD? CHINESE 1.2 billion speakers SPANISH 329 milion speakers ENGLISH 328 million speakers ARABIC 221 million speakers HINDI 182 million speakers BENGALI 181 million speakers PORTUGUESE 178 million speakers RUSSIAN 144 milion speakers JAPANESE 122 million speakers GERMAN 90,3 milion speakers HOW IS INTERNET USE CHANGING BY LANGUAGE? As access to the Web spreads to new locations/parts of the world, the languages of the Internet are becoming much more diverse. ENGLISH USERS IN 2011 565 million 100 M 200 M 300 M 400 M 500 M 600 M ENGLISH-SPEAKING USERS IN 2000 187 million CHINESE USERS IN 2011 300 M 400 M 500 M 600 M 509 million 100 M 200 M CHINESE-SPEAKING USERS IN 2000 34 million SPANISH USERS IN 2011 164 million 100 M 200 M 300 M 400 M 500 M 600 M SPANISH-SPEAKING USERS IN 2000 20 million JAPANESE USERS IN 2011 99 million 100 M 200 M 300 M 400 M 500 M 600 M JAPANESE-SPEAKING USERS IN 2000 89 million PORTUGUESE USERS IN 2011 82 million 100 M 200 M 300 M 400 M 500 M 600 M PORTUGUESE-SPEAKING USERS IN 2000 8 million GERMAN USERS IN 2011 75 million 100 M 200 M 300 M 400 M 500 M 600 M GERMAN-SPEAKING USERS IN 2000 43 million ARABIC USERS IN 2011 65 million 100 M 200 M 300 M 400 M 500 M 600 M ARABIC-SPEAKING USERS IN 2000 2 million FRENCH USERS IN 2011 59 million 100 M 200 M 300 M 400 M 500 M 600 M FRENCH-SPEAKING USERS IN 2000 14 million RUSSIAN USERS IN 2011 59 million 100 M 200 M 300 M 400 M 500 M 600 M RUSSIAN-SPEAKING USERS IN 2000 3 million KOREAN USERS IN 2011 39 million 100 M 200 M 300 M 400 M 500 M 600 M KOREAN-SPEAKING USERS IN 2000 36 million REST OF THE LANGUAGES USERS IN 2011 350 million REST OF THE LANGUAGES USERS IN 2000 59 million WHAT ARE LIKELY TO BE THE TOP FIVE LANGUAGES IN 2050? According to the engco model of language forecasting (based on demographic, human development, and economic data), these will be the most spoken languages in the world by the middle of the century. CHINESE HINDI-URDU ENGLISH SPANISH ARABIC WHAT'S LIKELY TO HAPPEN IN THE NEXT HUNDRED YEARS? 90% % of the world's 7,000 languages Researchers suggest will be extinct or endangered by the end of this century. It's expected that Chinese, Spanish, and English - to a lesser extent - will be the dominant languages of global commerce. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE? It depends on the language and how you're trying to learn it. Remember, just because a language is listed as challenging to learn, that shouldn't discourage you from taking it on. (22-24 weeks) Dutch, French, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish Easiest to learn for native English speakers (44 weeks of study) Albanian, Greek, Hebrew, Russian Moderately challenging for native English speakers NOTE: According to the State Department's Foreign Service institute, these numbers represent the time it takes to achieve what it calls general professional proficiency in both reading and speaking. (88 weeks of study) Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean Most challenging to learn for native English speakers The vast majority of learners don't need professional proficiency. General social proficiency, for instance, comes much earlier and is all you need for travel and good LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY can be conversation. built over time, and if you do it right, it's not a burden but something that makes your life richer and more interesting. It's not so much the destination How long does it take to learn enough of a language to be useful? One minute! Learn to say "hello" and "thank you" in a language, and it will immediately brighten your relationship with speakers of that language. We know of someone who learned just "hello" in fifty or so languages, and among other benefits, it was the basis for dozens of interesting taxi rides, and even one invitation to family dinner at a cab driver's home. as the journey. WHO IS TRANSPARENT LANGUAGE? At Transparent Language, our job is to help prepare you for this constantly changing world. As a leading provider of language-learning software and training solutions, we strive to provide learners with all of the learning materials they need in order to master the languages they want. Research based and experience driven, our products provide an effective, engaging, and pedagogically-proven experience to all language learners, from those in need of language skills for work or school to those who simply find joy in learning and using other languages. Our mission is to transform and Every day, we use our expertise in the research and practice of language learning to build programs that are licensed for use by all personnel of US Department of Defense organizations, including the US Marine Corps, US Navy, Defense Language Institute, US Special Operations Command, and many other government organizations, as well as by thousands of schools, hundreds of public libraries, and millions of individual users. advance the language and culture capabilities of not only the United States, but rather the whole of the world community. We strive to help all of the world's people get better at understanding, communicating, and engaging with one another. And with language-learning material available in over 100 languages, there something for every language learner. SOURCES htt:// World Bank, World Development Indicators ...... ...... ......

Speaking of Languages

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There are roughly 7,000 languages currently spoken around the planet today. As the world continues to become more interconnected, due in large part to the ever-increasing use of the internet, language...




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