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Space Planning and Storytelling

Ceries GES s. Global Experience SPACE PLANNING STORYTELLING and EFFICIENT USE OF THE EXISTING SPACE ON THE SHOW FLOOR IS CRITICAL TO EDUCATING YOUR AUDIENCE. WITH CAREFUL PLANNING IT WILL BE THE BEST WAY TO GET YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS. 1 Size. Does lIt Really Matter? 4 Attendee-Attroacting Tactics Identifying and attracting attendees will ensure that your message gets to the right people When it comes to trade show displays, integrated 1 marketing plan bigger doesn't always mean better! Attendees respond to quality, targeted information over a large quantity of interoctive engagement engaging technology can both inform and delight attendees, directly invites, informs and thanks attendees through strategic pre-, at-, and post- show marketing random information. consider making their on screen actions part of your event. Careful and smart space planning will impact the brand 2 placement that attendees can 4 show swag success of your company's messaging in a big way! be st uhat will they hold easily identify whicb booth is yours on the sbow floor onto after the show to remember you? Step Into Their Shoes 2 Consider your target audience, how do they feel inside the space? Comfortable or cramped, educated or over stimulated, are they able to easily read your messaging or frustrated by it's size or location? 3 Create Traffic Flow Depending on your booth's location (on an aisle, near an entrance, near food, etc.), you can determine the ideal traffic flow-which is how you would like attendees to enter and move through your space. A good display takes foot traffic from any direction, invites it in and moves it along in a comfortable way. Primary Entrance 4 Use Signage to Attract and Direct Expressive signage can educate attendees and also be used to direct booth visitors to particular areas of interest. Imagine your attendee onajourney. What do you want them to see first? How can you direct them to the next area and what can you do to entice them to complete? Attendees have limited time to take it all in, and most don't like to be weighed down with too much information. Stand Out from the Crowd5 The show floor can often times seem like a sea of 100 companies all trying to get your attention. So how do you 10 get people into your booth vs. Joe's booth across the hall? * Legibility, Graphic Hierarchy and Storytelling 100' 10'I'is not only a rule of thumb, but also the outline for you to tell your brand's story. 100'- Your logo and tag line Consider how your Your design should be well laid out, have a clear message and should let attendees know who you are from a distance. message is seen from each distance and 10' - Your key services, products, messages, and lifestyle imagery create a visual hierarchy that is legible from each of these places on the show floor. If no The use of overhead signage, backlit graphics or tall display elements can all help you attract the attention of those walking the aisles. 1'- Attendee is engaged and interested in product details Hands-on demonstrations, multimedia presentations and educational signage are great ways to pull attendees closer into the exhibit and your product. one can see your story then it doesn't matter how compelling it is. Identify Zones 6 ZONE 1: Entrance You have a lot to say, ZONE 2: Demonstration but attendees have limited time to take it ZONE 3: Theater all in. They need to ZONE 4: Interactive easily identify areas in your exhibit where they can get their questions answered. Create zones that deal with specific subjects or product lines to alleviate any confusion. 7 Determine Booth Staff The following is a good rule of thumb: 2 booth staffers for the first 10' of booth space +1staffer for each additional 10' of space. 10x10 space = 2 staff people 10x20 space = 3 staff people 20x20 space = 4 staff people 20x30 space = 5 staff people A common mistake is over-staffing which will intimidate visitors. People are more likely to stop and explore your booth when they are free to look around without being "pounced on" by staff. We always encourage What is the e series? collaboration between We are always looking for ways to improve our clients' experience. e series was created to demystify design and you and the designer, so please don't hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. production for non-designers. It allows our clients to "talk the talk" and really enjoy the walk. Secondary Entrance

Space Planning and Storytelling

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Efficient use of the existing space on the show floor is critical to educating your audience. With careful planning it will be the best way to get your message across.


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