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Signs Your House is Haunted

You have been BOOED! Pass it along! 71% people have actually had paranormal experiences 34% people believe houses can truly be haunted Protect your house from Ghouls! ampires: Traditional folklore seems convinced that vampires are afflicted with a bizarre form of OCD. Just sprinkle the seeds/grains/rice on the ground around your home and the vampire's obsessive nature will force it to pick up and/or count every item before it can go any further. That should buy you more than enough time to beat a leisurely retreat. If your backed into a corner I recommend any silver object such as a hosts: Water seems to be an effective repellent which is | why in the southern states, they paint the porch "haint" blue. "Haint" blue the colloquial term for ghost or lost soul. Build a spirit house- Some Asian cultures believe that spirits dwell upon all properties, so special spirit houses - or "shrines" are set up to entice the spirits away from the inhabited building. Spirits are especially drawn to things ike candy, money, soda, incense, and bright colored flowers. silver dagger or silver stake. ombies: The only proven defense against zombies is an early warning system, but getting rid of zombies isn't a chore--it can be fun. The most important thing to remember is to remove the head or destroy the brain. After that, put on some music (I personally suggest Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl) and make a game out of it. Race the clock and see who of your friends and family can destroy the most zombies. As long as you avoid getting bit. erewolfs: Wolfs bane is another name for monkshood or aconite, which is a very deadly poisonous plant, V and as the name suggests isn't wolf friendly. When mixed with bait and devoured by a wolf, or even put on arrowheads, knives, swords.etc. and then fired or stabbed into the animal's body, this toxin is fatal. Signs your house is Haunted! The Match Test If you light a candle and it flickers blue, there are ghost present! Strange Feelings: If the house feels very depressing, or the atmosphere in the house feels very thick and heavy. Unusual Smells: Some ghosts are accompanied by a terrible stench. Usually, these are negative, nasty ghosts. Pets Act Paranoid: If it's an unfriendly ghost, dogs will growl or cower for no apparent reason. Weird Sounds: Often there are raps or knocks on the walls in a series of threes - like three, six or nine raps. People hear walking, like footsteps. RIP. ELIKA www.Elika Real Sources: REAL ESTATE Phone: (212) 590 - 0540

Signs Your House is Haunted

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Have you ever had any paranormal experiences? If you have, you are not alone. 71% of people on a survey said that they had experienced paranormal activity at least once. In this this fun infographic w...




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