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The Secret is in Goat’s Milk

THE SECRET IS IN GOAT'S MILK: Why GOAT Soap is the Way to Go Soap is used every day to clean our hands, bodies and faces. But did you know that some soaps are harsh on the skin? Commonly used body soaps strip the skin's microbiome of protective oils and good bacteria leaving your skin dry and itchy. Goat milk has risen in popularity for skin care products because it naturally exfoliates the skin and moisturizes it with nutrients including Vitamin D, which helps soften the skin. Why Your Skin Need Goat's Milk Goat milk soap is an alternative to the traditional soaps you find in the grocery stores. Cleanses Moisturizes Includes Lactic Acid Improves the skin which is a natural barrier function exfoliant which and soothes dry helps prevent acne. sensitive skin. Jam Packed With Vitamins Vitamin D Vitamin C Softens skin and Strengthen Skin and reducesa ppearance promotes collagen of fine lines. production. Vitamin E Triglycerides Enhance skin elasticity Helps prevents aging and drying skin. and reinforce skins hydro-lipid barrier Helps with Skin Conditions like O ACNE ECZEMA PSORIASIS How is GOAT Soap Made? While the basic process of making soap stays relatively the same, the ingredients are very different. Safe Ingredients Shea Butter Goat Milk Olive Oil Cocoa Butter It is loaded with The healthy fatty The primary ingredient is full of vitamins, Another vitamin-packed ingredient that prevents skin-irritating bacteria from lingering on skin. vitamins and is acids and proteins, and minerals that help repair and a great skin moisturizing ingredient. antioxidants in this ingredient renew the skin. help reduce inflammation. Coconut Oil Palm Oil Castor Oil It is rich in antioxidants and extremely Packed with vitamins and The present fatty acids antioxidant properties, it can help penetrate the moisturizing, which helps soften skin. helps moisturize and skin to restore and repair skin. hydrate. Safflower Oil Essential Oils A mild moisturizing agent, which helps Natural ingredients with many medicinal uses. in repairing and softening skin. Not All Scents Are Made Equal You soap may smell good, but the fragrance may harm your skin. Essential Oils vs. Fragrance Oils While often confused, essential oils and fragrance oils are very different. Essential Oils Fragrance Oils Essential oils are 100% natural. • Problematic due to being synthetic compounds. Can be used in aromatherapy to help with muscle pain, skin issues, and other body and health issues. Are drying and irritating on the skin. A general term to describe chemical substances that can contain up to 200 • They are excellent for skin and hair use due to their moisturizing undisclosed ingredients-so you have no idea what you're putting on your skin. properties and rash, eczema, and related conditions relief. Because Fragrance Oils are a mix of undisclosed ingredients, they can have side-effects from headaches to rashes and skin irritation. GOAT Soap Scents Unscented Doesn't have any Lavender A popular, soothing scent that promotes calm and relaxation, among other benefits, and is great for unwinding after a long day. essential oils, but doesn't lack the nourishing vitamins and minerals of the other ingredients. It is a simple, clean option ideal for those who like to keep things simple. Lemongrass Citrus Has notes of lemon and orange blossom, that create a crisp, tart spiciness that invigorates the mind. The lemongrass Peppermint Tea Tree Oil The light menthol scent is adds an earthy scent, and provides antibacterial familiar; it's also properties as well. Combined with goat's refreshing, relaxing, and soothing. It will invigorate your senses, while helping to combat dry skin and cool you off. milk, it repairs and hydrates the skin. Floral A soft scent to bring images of a summer rose Patchouli Is a vibrant, aromatic soap that uses patchouli garden. While subtle, it is full bodied and slightly essential oil that will fruity. Ylang-Ylang oil provides stress relief. Overall, a popular scent help you relax, but awaken so you're ready to start the day. with women! Goat Milk Soap vs. Traditional Soap On the surface, goat milk soap and the traditional soap you buy off the store shelf may look exactly the same-but they aren't. Goat Milk Soap Traditional Soaps Is incredibly moisturizing and can help heal Use fragrance oils for scents, which can cause further issues to your skin. your skin and health. • Strip your skin of their natural oils, leaving it Is an excellent choice for anyone who is sensitive or has incredibly dry and tight. a skin condition. Have long lists of hard- to-pronounce ingredients. Use synthetic ingredients and can negatively affect the health of your skin. Many soaps are not true soaps but just moisturizing bars so Uses simple, they don't actually clean skin. They just add moisturizing to it without exfoliating in a healthy all-natural, organic ingredients that are easy-to-pronounce and manner. They are synthetic detergents which strip your skin of good bacteria and healthy come packed with good-for-you properties. oils from its microbiome. That means that it does not contain harsh chemicals or detergents that like Sodium Lauryl Isethionate (a synthetic detergent), Tetrasodium Etidronate (preservative), or Maltrol (fragrance enhancer). These strip the skin of natural oils, drying it and leading to skin issues. It does still contain lye-an essential part of soapmaking, but goat soap ensures it turns into gentle, natural, and nutrient-rich soap. 5 Benefits of Using Goat Milk Soap Cleanses Deeply, Yet Gently The lactic acid contained Alpha hydroxy acids in goat's The natural ingredients in goat's milk is also key in gently cleansing the skin and removing impurities. milk help break down and work together to remove the surface layer of cleanse without drying dead skin skills without the skin. harsh chemicals. 2 Gives Healthy And Nourished Skin GOAT MILK ON ITS OWN IS PACKED WITH VITAMINS A, B1, B6, B12, C, D, E, AND MORE. Vitamin A O Vitamin B1 Vitamin B12 Helps repair damaged skin Aids in wound healing, and Applied topically, reduces tissue and maintain soothes the nervous system, inflammation, dryness, healthy skin. Also reduces helping prevent stress-related and acne and is used to lines, wrinkles, and can breakouts. treat conditions like provide psoriasis relief. psoriasis and eczema. + Vitamin B6 Vitamin D Another stress-relieving Helps protect the skin and contributes to skin vitamin, that helps increase levels of cell grow, repair, and metabolism. It also serotonin, melatonin, and enhances skin's norepinephrine. Allowing you to relax and sleep immune system and better-reducing stress and destrays free radicals inflammation and increase that cause premature cell regeneration that ageing. Also proven prevents dryness. to help skin with acne and psoriasis. Vitamin C O Vitamin E Protects you from free radicals and Is great for reducing inflammation in the skin, callagen loss, possibly lowering the protecting it from damage, and making you look chance of skin cancer. younger by strengthening the skin barrier. ALSO CONTAINS MINERALS LIKE ZINC, COPPER, IRON, SELENIUM, FATTY ACIDS, AMINO ACIDS, CITRIC ACID, VARIOUS ANTIOXIDANTS, AND ENZYMES. Citric Acid Copper Great for fighting Combined with vitamin c external aggressors like and zinc, it helps develop sun and pollution, and and restore skin elastin. also a great skin exfoliant. O Zinc Helps clear skin by taming oil production, and can help control the formation of ačne lesions, and help existing acne to clear sooner. V Iron Iron helps activate B Amino Acids vitamins, making your Are the building blocks of skin brighter and more peptides and proteins, vibrant. working with other ingredients to protect skin Selenium from free radicals, prevent Believed to play a key ageing, maintain skin role in skin cancer O Fatty acids hydration, and more. Can help reduce sun prevention. sensitivity, decrease Enzymes inflammation from acne, Antioxidants Are helpful for both add hydration to the skin, Help protect skin from exfoliating the skin and and helped with the free radicals and delay fighting skin inflammation treatment of psoriasis. skin ageing. These are not just beneficial Goat milk is fast-penetrating and can deliver internally but are excellent these nutrients to the tissue beneath the for the skin as well. skin, helping to nourish it deeply. Relieves Irritation And Inflammation Used regularly, goat milk soap can help relieve skin inflammation. The lack of chemicals make it safe for even the mnost sensitive of skin and won't cause irritation or inflammation. The fat molecules in goat's milk help give it strong anti-inflammatory properties. 4. Prevents Premature Aging Properties of goat milk help eliminate the surface layer Thanks to antioxidants like of dead cells, revealing Vitamin A, Vitamin new skin underneath. C, and Vitamin E, goat milk can keep the body free from oxidative damages Both factors help delay aging and get rid of premature signs of aging Like fine lines, wrinkles, caused by free radicals. sun spots, etc. Protects and Repairs Skin Aside from being These properties make soothing, goat milk soap has other goat milk soap beneficial in healing skin infections antimicrobial effects. and conditions like rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis faster. Got Goat Soap Yet? Everybody needs soap-but nobody needs or wants the harsh synthetic chemicals and fragrances that come from traditional soap products. Goat milk soap is a safe, natural alternative that is packed with wonderful benefits. It is a soap that will nourish, soothe, and heal your skin while leaving it clean and soft to the touch. This infographic brought to you by: GO T Organic & Handmade Goat Milk Skin Care Products - GOAT Soap

The Secret is in Goat’s Milk

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