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PETROL PUMP 1- -2 FOOD MART 3 00.00 00.00 00.00 SAVE MONEY ON PETROL 5 FUEL-SAVING TIPS EVERY DRIVER SHOULD KNOW Petrol prices are always on the rise, it seems, and the money in our wallet declines, but there are ways to ensure you spend less money on fuel. Here are a few of them... 1. CHECK THE AIR FILTER A clogged air filter can bog down your fuel mileage, so check that it's clean. A clean air filter can improve mileage by as much as 10%. 10% ...> 2. FILL UP EFFICIENTLY Filling your tank to only halfway will reduce the weight of your vehicle and improve fuel consumption. Less More Saved 3. ALIGN YOUR TIRES Poor tyre alignment is detrimental to your tyres and your engine, because it makes the engine work harder. Align your tyres correctly and you 10% could save more than 10% on fuel costs. 4. DON'T DRIVE ON DEFLATED TYRES Plenty of vehicles are driving around on deflated tyres well under their recommended psi level. A deflated tyre can cause a 2.8% loss in fuel efficiency, so pump them up to the proper psi. You'll be doing your pocket a favour as well as the environment. 5. TUNE UP Tune up your engine periodically to improve its fuel efficiency. 4% A properly maintained engine can improve fuel efficiency by up to 4%. A FEW MORE FUEL-EFFICIENT DRIVING RECOMMENDATIONS... Avoid idling during your drive, whenever possible. Use a GPS to find the shortest route to your destination. Drive at a consistent speed as much as is possible. Accelerate slowly from a full stop. Using the air conditioning at low speeds consumes more fuel. It's therefore advisable to use the air conditioning only on the highways. Park in the shade. So there you are, a selection of hints and tips to help you use less petrol and save more £££s! Designed & Compiled by: 01792 477316 PLATES4LESS


shared by kentcharlie on Aug 04
Petrol prices are on the rise. As a result, the money in our wallet keeps evaporating a whole lot quicker than the way it was before. There are many ways you can spend less money on petrol and reduce ...




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