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Santa Is Real

SANTA IS REAL Lets take a look at just how hard he works.. Santa starts in New Zealand Santa has 24 + 8 hours Dec 24th, 22:00 p.m. and finishes in Samoa Dec 25th 06:00 a.m. (thanks to the Earth's rotation) to hand out all the presents around the world. To do this, Santa needs his magical speed and accuracy New Zealand Samoa [34°25' 36" S, 172° 40' 40" WI (13 50' 0" S, 171° 45' O" WI CHILDREN AND HOMES Total population 6 853 019 414 200 million 0-14 oge 1 817 989 536 children who believe in Santa: 563 576 756 There are 200 milion households and 2.5 children per household 1 sec = 1956 x 212 meter 50 10 35 30 The average distance between each household is 212 meters Santa has to visit 1956 houses every second! SPEED He can only afford to spend 0.0005 seconds in each house if he wants to finish his work. moving on to the next house. stopping getting in the chimney putfing presents under the tree eating the snacks getting back out 0.0001 sec 0.0002 sec 0.0003 sec 0.0004 sec 0,0005 sec Santa moves around the house incredibly fast, much faster than you would imagine! Concorde 2 172 km/h Space Shuttle Discovery 28 967.94 km/h USS Voyager 1 61154.54 km/h Santa 72 000 km/h But his magic sleigh is even faster! 2.0 1.5 Speed of х Speed of Light Light Magic Sleigh Millennium Falcon THE MAGICAL REINDEER There are 5-50 million unlisted species in the world, and one of them is the Magical flying Reindeer. Enormously fast and powerful, it can fly too, of course. People who have seen them say that some have a red nose. PAYLOAD Santa gives out approximately 1 kg of presents to each and every child, which means that when he starts out, his payload is heavier than 7 Queen Mary's. To deliver it all using Boeing B747 freighters, Santa would need almost 5000 planes! RMS Queen Mary 2 X 7,4 OR Magic Sleigh Boeing 747 Freighter X 4997 Without good navigation his job would be even harder! Samoa O IGO wishes You a Merry Christmas! My way.

Santa Is Real

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Let's take a look at just how hard Santa works - how he can only afford to spend 0.0005 seconds in each house. Yes, Santa moves incredible fast around the house, much faster than you would imagine! Fi...




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