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A Rubber Flooring Guide For Commercial Applications

A Rubber Flooring Guide For Commercial Applications Factoids When Christopher Columbus visited Haiti on his second voyage to the Americas, he observed the natives with their high bouncing play balls that were made by harvesting the tap of certain trees. Several hundred years later... Charles Goodyear became the inventor of vulcanized rubber in 1839. :O: Soon after, the commercial and industrial uses of rubber experienced dramatic growth during the 20th century, including production of rubber shoe soles. nora Flooring Systems supplied the rubber flooring for the first major recorded flooring installation at Frankfurt Airport in Germany in 1969. By The Numbers Rubber Tree Sap Production In 2011 Thailand: 29.6% Indonesia: 27.3% Malaysia: 8.8% India: 7.9% vietnam: 7.0% Life Cycle Cost Comparisons Average Installation Cost Per 1000 Sq. Feet %24 %24 %24 %24 $12K %24 %24 %24 %24 $5K $1K Bamboo Carpet Tile Linoleum Cleaning & Labor Cost After 15 Yrs Per 1000 sg. Feet %24 %24 $60K %24 %24 $25K $10K Broadloom Carpet Linoleum Total Cost After 15 Yrs Per 1000 Sg. Feet %24 %24 $65K %24 %24 %24 %24 $25K $10K Hardwood Linoleum Cork Ceramic Tile Advantages V Durability strong, tough, and resilient, the average lifespan of a rubber floor is 20-30+ years. V Water resistant Due to the nonporous nature of the material, basic liquid spills will not cause damage to rubber floors. Low maintenance Easy to care for, cleaning generally requires the use of a mop and warm water. Soft Soft to the touch, rubber flooring can relieve the stress fatigue that often occurs with standing or walking for long periods of time. Fire & burn resistant Burns from small heat sources will not affect the quality of a rubber floor, and since it is non-toxic, noxious fumes will not become airborne in case of a fire. Sound properties Rubber can act as a powerful sound barrier. V Color choices Texture Countless color and Rubber can be produced with raised dimples, pattern options are available. Polished, matte, bright and vibrant, or the character and overall replication of marble and speck patterns found in stone materials represent studs, and other complex textures that can add to design of a space. only a small selection of the choices available. Why Rubber Flooring? Musculoskeletal disorders account for ONE-THIRD of all occupational injuries & illnesses reported by employers. This constitutes the largest job related and illness problem in the United States. Industry costs, such as lost productivity, retraining and sick or administrative time, can be at least 4 TO 10 times more than the direct costs. This Infographic Has Been Brought To You By n eContractOptMich F 313.886.2185 in /company/contract-options-ine- O P 313.886.7429 20768 Harper Avenue f SONTRACT TION Harper Woods, MI 48225 Sources| nora systems, Inc. ( white papers | ECORE International (www. white papers | Mr. Jere L'Heureux, Owner, Contract Options, Inc. | | | | www.flooring.about. com | | | | Cork Ceramic Tile Broadloom Carpet Rubber Hardwood cork Ceramic Tile NF Sheet Vinyl Bamboo Sheet Vinyl Carpet Tile Vinyl Comp. Tile Rut ber Hardwood NF Sheet Vinyl Bamboo Sheet Vinyl Carpet Tile Vinyl Comp. Tile Broadloom Carpet Rubber NF Sheet Vinyl Sheet Vinyl Vinyl Comp. Tile

A Rubber Flooring Guide For Commercial Applications

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A brief and thorough look at the history, numbers, life cycle, and advantages of rubber flooring.


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