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Refugee Statistics

Illustrating the world's refugee hotspots: The countries they flee from and the hosts that shelter them, all in one map Europe Hosting just 1ON of the world's refugres, Euope has increased the number of displaced people it hosts by 14,000 to 1648000 over the past year. Gеmany, wilh 6oюроовеба and the UK, with 20000, are the biggest hosts, while refuzees from Iraq. Serbia and Turkey are the largest groups 1,022,494 Where do Afghanistan's refugees go? Top S0 origin counories of UNHCA-monitored tetugees Tog S0 host coumries of UNHCR-monitored retuges For the last three decades, Afghanistan has been the kading country of origin for refugees. Cumently, 2.9m Afghans are living in one of a host countries. though 96% are locaned in Iran and Pakistan. Theie positions as countries with the most refugees are almost solely due to Afghans crossing their bordeTS to Iran Internally disolaced people monitored by UNHCR Paleastinian retugees monitored by UNWA Norway 37826 Sweden 81.356 30.320 ta Germany - Others include: 9.383 to Hetherlands 1,538 to India 6,401 to kastria Denmark 20.355 Russia 23,658 to UK Canada UK 109,455 5.664 to Australia 169,434 269,363 Netherlands 76,008 5,026 to Denmark Afghanistan 2,887,123 Ukaine 24,522 Germany 593,799 US Asia and Pacific Refugee nambers in the Asia and Pacifie region grew by 7.2% to 3m, making it the host of of the world's refugees. Theee quarters of the refugee poprala tion are Afghans, while 200,000 new refogees from Burma were accepted by Bangladesh 275,461 France Serbla 196,364 Aerbaijan 86.351 16.919 24,116 195,626 Switz. Coa kica 19.116 Georgia 15,020 Iran 46.203 Croatia 18.000 Amenla Auntria Monterpo 24.09 38.906 76478 Bosnia taly 54.965 Turkey 1,739,935 72,774 Venezuela 70,018 1571 to Pakhtan China Colombia 146,387 201,313 389,753 Allunia 180,558 1,070,488 Tibet 20,080 300,989 Burma 406,669 Nepal 108,461 Thutan Syria Vletnam Ecuador 89.070 Pakistan 339,289 116,557 17914 India Thailand 105.297 Americas Middle East and North 35.12 Bangladesh 1,054,466 19,514 The region with the smallest number of refugees,at just over S10,000 people. Colombians consitute the largest proportion, with keuador'sacceptance of ver 25.000 refuges from guerilla and drug violence. The US, with 275.000 sefuges, is the region's latgest host country Africa 228,586 Iraq The 19 fall in refugee numbers, to just over 2m, is mainly attributed to a revised estimate of Palestinians in Saudi Arabia. Some 100,000 departing tragis feom Jordan and Syria alio outnum bered the anival of 32,000 Somali refugees in Yemen. Crucially, the UNHCR igure does not include the 4.8m Palestinians lhving in camps in the occupled teritories - which are run by another UN body. UNRWA 1,740,711 185323 Malaysia 66.137 35.218 18,213 Indonesia Sri Lanka Lebanon 145.72 6.260 1,785,212 22.548 50,413 Амае Australia 17736 zz Jordan 450,756 Occupled Palestinian Algeria Egype 94406 Territory Westem Sahara 94,137 95.201 116.474 Yemen 26,795 170.854 Who are the forcibly displaced? World refugees under UNHCR Maeritania Total 10,396,540 Exrope 724,602 1,647,143 Senegal Chad 10.4m 15.2m 11.5m ey dlaced prople tunder Eritrea a 2,099,697 2,005,920 Siersa Leone 16300 22.151 Refugoes Midale Fast, Noth Africa 209,168 Somalia 15.417 55,014 Orince 678,309 Togo 43.3m 23,153 24601 Americas 465.275 812,332 Liberia 338,495 Asia and Pacitie 4.8m TOTAL 71,599 Exhiopia 4,276,792 3,855,991 Sudan very Con Gluna Falestinian refupres undes 5609 Ngeria 62.889 186,292 CAR 121,886 Cameroon 368,195 15.6m Rest of Africa 2,627,624 2,074,854 27,047 teternally displaced people under UNIHCR showa below 04.766 27.1m 983,000 Varlous Other 202,550 Unknown 159,554 99.957 Kenya Asybam seekers Congo Uganda Africa 127.345 358,928 20,544 Just over zm refuges tive in Africa, after a deciease of 1., the pinth consecutive annual fall, The naturalisa tion of 190,000 Burundians into Tanzania and repatriations in Sadan and Rwanda offut the 280,000 new refugees created by renewed contfict in Somalia and the Congo Dem Rep DR Congo 111,411 185,809 Internally displaced people (IDPS), end 2009 Rwanda 455,852 people are displaced by conflict within their own oountries. ofthese, 15,6m are looked after by the UNIDCR, Colombia, with 33m, has the most MPs, whike renewed conflict in the Congoand Pakistan have created 2.tmand 1om in those countries last vear. Iraq and Uganda saw signidicant fallk, as people retumed home S4016 Stateless Total under UNHCR Tanzania 15,627,900 129.109 118,731 15,866 Burundi Zambia 24967 56.785 Angola 141,021 94.239 22.449 Zimbubwe South Africa 47974 Сто * কে Burand Georgu Serbia Irag a Armu Ruwat Chod CAR Grorgia Yemen Alghatan Keya Uganda vory Caa Artan Sudan Conga Cnba Somala Fakistan (దిదీ SOURCE ACI GAC:SCRUON MCORMICK, SHEW | 2,300 00618 000001 3 105,700 224.900 oor262 434,900 | 446,300 oorsis 000'989 o0l'PEOT 1.522,000 000'osST 1,894,600 2,052,700 000'bOE'E

Refugee Statistics

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A refugee is a person who is forced to leave their home country for various reasons and seek refuge or protection in another. This infographic examines where refugees come from and which countries th...




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