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Reasons to:Keyword Research

O objective Strategy | Creative | Digital Keyword ResearchKeyword Research Keyword Re Keyword Research Keyword ResearchK Re Keword RocearahKo Ke Reasons to: K K Keyword Research Re Re word Re Keyword Re Re Keyword research is an important step towards a successful SEO marketing strategy. It's also incredibly important to understand your target market and how they search for your content, products or services, as it is likely their specific keyword search terms will drive the best results for your business. Тоp 5 Tips for: Choosing Your Keywords Here are some top tips you might find useful towards your research: 1 Questions, Questions, Questions: It's essential to focus on the needs of your customers. That's why it is important to ask the questions first before jumping the gun and proceeding with search engine optimisation. » What type of products/services are people searching for? ? » Who is searching for these terms? » When are people searching for these terms? » How are people searching for these terms? 2 Discover New Keywords: It's likely you have a set of simple seed keywords in mind that are relevant to your business (seed keywords are simple 1-2 words such as "cake"). It's useful to type these seed keywords into a keyword research tool where you may discover other related keywords, common questions and highly relevant terms you didn't consider before. An example might include typing the word "cake" but you may discover people are searching for "gluten free cake shop near me". Understand Search Volume Data: 3 Typically, the higher the search volume of a keyword, the greater the competition and work required to achieve organic ranking success. Be aware that large brands will often take up the top 10 results for high volume keywords. This is where the advantages of long tail keywords may come in. Long tail keywords are a more specific search term and therefore yield a lower search volume, which means they often convert better. A search example may include "soak-off gel nail manicure salon Sheffield" which specifically shows the searcher's search intent. Get Strategic: 4 Now you've discovered what keywords you could potentially rank for, now it's time to get strategic and look at your competitors and how your search terms could be affected by seasonal or regional factors. » Competitors: It might be a good idea to be opportunistic and put efforts into the keywords your competition are not currently ranking for. A more ambitious and alternative method would be to prioritise the keywords your competitors are already performing well for. » Seasonal Factors: Understanding seasonal trends can be beneficial for content strategy. Keywords which revolve around Christmas time will allow you to prepare relevant content for months in advance. » Regional Factors: You can choose to narrow down your keyword research by specific location. Geo-specific keyword research can also help your content to be more specific to your target audience. For example, you may be targeting people from a certain city in the UK that may search unusual phrases for the keyword you were originally optimising for. PРC (Рay Per Testing Keywords: Is a Great Method for Before committing to a medium-long term SEO strategy, you should consider PPC. PPC is a short term method for testing keyword validity and lead generation by testing the quantity of traffic and enquiries generated from a set of keywords. Top 5 Tools You Can Use for: Keyword Research Here are some online tools you might find useful towards your research: Keyword Explorer: This tool allows you to input keywords to gain insightful information, such as rich featured snippets and monthly search volumes. The tool will also allow you to extract more accurate search volume data via live data. Google Keyword Planner: Google's AdWords Keyword Planner was originally a 'go to' basis for SEO keyword research. However, you might want to be mindful that the tool will group keywords together. The bigger the search volume you see, the less confident you can be about the average monthly searches. Google Trends: A useful tool for finding keywords which fluctuate depending on the time of year. A good example of this would include “wintery Christmas outfit ideas" which will have a higher chance of being searched for around Christmas time. AnswerThePublic: This online tool generates the most commonly searched for questions around your specific keywords. SpyFu: This tool is useful if you are wanting to get some insight into your competitors. The tool allows you to search a domain and see every place they have shown up in Google and every keyword they have bought on AdWords. Objective Creative SEO Services O objective Strategy | Creative | Digital Objective Creative is an award winning B2B marketing agency. Our digital team combines effective strategy, creative design and technical expertise. Our SEO Services Include: » SEO: Optimisation of keywords, page structure and code. » Content Creation: Developing engaging relevant content about your business, including infographics, articles, blogs, reports, online tools and videos. » Sharing Content With Key Audiences: Ensuring content is shared, and valuable links are secured to your website. For more information visit: O objective LO

Reasons to:Keyword Research

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Keyword research is an important step towards a successful SEO marketing strategy. It’s also incredibly important to understand your target market and how they search for your content, products or s...


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