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The Real Cost of Your Morning Cup of Coffee

The real cost of your morning cup of 9 aluminium cans 48 plastic bottles 7 newspapers Hee CO2 emissions In the country of purchase Boling water Processno nstart coe Ginding and purchese Roting There are dfferent ways of Mora tan 100 milon Americons drkan estmoted total of 30 milon cups of cofoe a day This woukd oul a total of 20.000 tonsd CO every dy When using eat the amount of water, a simple hot water te needs much less oneroy than a dedicated cofee makor with wamingup phase and stand by wngagood cup of coffoe. Expenses and onviromental mpact dfer dramaticaly fyou drrk one cup of coo overy moming for a whole year. this is wht yout do to your pocketbook and the enviroment Packaging Secondary cackagrg manactrer) Peny pacaong podcap Packaging can amount for more then 15 of CO emisions when pads ane ued or be as bw as 25 when gr gound cofon sused Oter packagrg Material tor coffoe mer On averaon tonsport accourts for 6k of al CO emissions Transport Tanspot tor dton Shipping of packagng Sicpirg of cofoo boar Taneport tom fedto tacorie Cele de 28 kg CO. Instant cooo roeds the kast amount of groon cofoe beans to prodce one ou of coffe At the tarm On average, haf of al CO emsions are produced ady at the faem and nerby Washing 27 kg CO. Ttrent riguion 26 kg CO. €90-300 €15-50 €20-150 €70-200 € 50-150 20 kg CO. 32 aluminium cans ice 6% newspapers 7 plastic bottles V newspaper 14 kg CO. 14kg CO. enses ARNE HAEGER € 62 € 105 5 aluminium cans 2% plastic bottles € 135 4 plastic bottles 4 glas bottles € 43 Aeat 22% are asted Cela Recycling rates in Europe 78-99 cycied Leta Ceta Aliast 50-78 yced wnted € 62 70-100% Cycied 46-82N ycled Cola Expenses The cost for one cup of ooffoe i calculatod by tho price of one capsulone sorving plus tho prchase of the coffoe maker dvidod by 306 days Waste Packaging waste Bottles, cans, and nowipapersAutrate the wote areatod by primary packaging at the conoumer level none yoar. Secondary packaging unod for shipping the coffoe or eipment packaging has to be ackod on top of this Aluminium Plastic Paper Glass -0.44€ -0.45€ -0.83€ • -0.20€ . -0.11€.

The Real Cost of Your Morning Cup of Coffee

shared by arnehaeger on Jul 02
Infographic on expenses and enviromental impact of coffee. There are different ways of brewing a good cup of coffee. Expenses and enviromental impact differ dramatically. If you drink one cup of co...


Arne Haeger


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