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Pulled Over for DUI? Know Your Rights!

PULLED OVER FOR DUI? KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU'RE PULLED OVER BEING confrontational or rude BE POLITE will only hurt your case POLICE can use your demeanor against you in court to argue that you were intoxicated BE BRIEF LICENSE XXX-XXX ALL you have to provide "JOHN DOE" is your name, driver's license, registration, XXX-XXX and proof of insurance REGISTRATION YOU don't have to answer any other questions if you don't want to REFUSE ROADSIDE TESTING ROADSIDE sobriety testing is completely voluntary PRELIMINARY breath testing is also voluntary and can only hurt you RECORD THE EVENTS USE your smartphone or other device to record audio when you are stopped YOU do not need permission to record your interaction with law enforcement WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT CHEMICAL TESTING COLORADO'S EXPRESS CONSENT LAWS -NSE х IF YOU FIRST you're suspected of DUI, you are can take a breath- refusal of chemical alyzer test at the testing results in required to submit police station or losing your license to chemical testing a blood test at for one year a hospital CHOOSING THE TEST IT'S WITNESSES BLOOD usually a better idea at a hospital are sample can be retested to ask for the blood unbiased and can for accuracy later on test rather than the corroborate your breathalyzer version of the story REFUSING THE TEST YOU REFUSING YOU can still be found helps the must decide whether guilty of DUI even prosecution's case- to take the test before if you refuse the test it will seem that you talking to a lawyer refused because you were guilty WHY YOU NEED A DUI LAWYER DUI is a serious charge and can result in substantial fines and jail time A LAWYER can dissect your case to find any errors made by police A LAWYER will examine the evidence and present a case in your defense INFOGRAPHIC MBS PROVIDED BY MASTRO, BARNES & STAZZONE P.C. Sources:

Pulled Over for DUI? Know Your Rights!

shared by BrittSE on May 29
After getting pulled over by a police officer, it is important to avoid being confrontational or rude. This will only hurt your case. Get more tips by clicking over to this infographic from a DUI atto...


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