PSP vs. SSR Swimming Pools

ACAPULCO SINGLE SOURCE RESPONSIBILITY (SSR) WHEN I HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THE POOL FINISH DELAMINATION IN MY PSP POOL*, WHO DO I CALL? *Commonly referred to as the "Perfect Storm Pool" when there are multiple contractors with little swimming pool experience constructing the project under the supervision of one general contractor. STEP2 STEP 1 POOL CLOSED When the tile contractor arrives, they state that the pool must be drained in order to review and repair the tile, but they do not know how to drain Call the tile contractor because the tile they installed delaminated the pool. Not my problem STEP 4 STEP 3 POOL CLOSED Once the pool is drained, the tile contractor says the waterproofing has delaminated and recommends that the owner contact the The owner is unsure how to drain the pool and will have to ask the general contractor to return. waterproofing contractor. Not my problem STEP 6 POOL CLOSED After investigating, the waterproofing contractor states that there is a hair line crack in the concrete shell that caused the waterproofing delamination. The STEP 5 waterproofing contractor directs the owner to speak with the concrete contractor. STEP / The owner is unaware of who the Not my problem waterproofing contractor is and calls the general contractor. The pool owner must contact the general contractor again in order to contact the concrete contractor for repairs. STEP Y POOL CLOSED STEP 8 POOL CLOSED The flat work contractor who owns his own backyard pool and believes he is very experienced in pools states that the pool was filled too quickly and the crack is not his work to The concrete contractor states that it is the concrete flat work repair. contractor's problem because the crack is in the floor slab. Not my problem Not my problem STEP11 Google Not quite the end though. The pool now needs to be filled and the chemicals balanced. Who is POOL CLOSED STEP]0 responsible for balancing the chemicals? None of the trades involved know how to balance chemicals, therefore the owner must find a company and pay for the work. The architect is finally called and states that it's the general contractor's responsibility to have the work repaired. Unfortunately the warranty only covers 1 year for most trades. The trades now want to be paid. In the end, the general contractor makes the repair. STEP 12 POL OPEN The owner finally has an operating pool after two or more weeks of frustration with additional, unexpected costs. Hopefully nothing else goes wrong over the life of the pool. WHEN I HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THE POOL FINISH DELAMINATION IN MY ACAPULCO SSR POOL*, WHO DO I CALL? *Also known as "Single Source Responsibility" when there is one swimming contractor responsible for the entire installation of the swimming pool. This contractor cannot blame others because he is solely responsible and carries the warranty. STEP2 POOL OPEN ACAPULCO STEP ] With one call, Acapulco will take massive action to reopen the pool with limited downtime. Call Acapulco FOR MORE ON THE ACAPULCO SSR POOL CONTACT: 519-743-6357 | |

PSP vs. SSR Swimming Pools

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What is the difference between a "Perfect Storm Pool" and a "Single Source Responsibility" Pool?






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