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The Power Of Persuasion

THE OF POWERSYERSUASTON How to Get People Thinking Your Way! Influence isn't luck or magic. It's science. Want more influence at home, work, and beyond? The techniques below have been proven – time and again – to help you get your way. yey! Nod Your Head Show Excitement If you want to get someone to agree with you, nod your head while you talk. State your case with bags of enthusiasm. Why it Works: Why it Works: We subconsciously mimic other people's body language – if you can get them nodding along with you, they'll be more likely to agree with what you say. We're programmed to take on the emotions of others, and enthusiasm is particularly contagious. Stay Silent Provide Perspective When negotiating, let the other party state their offer, then pause. It may prompt them to go lower. Don't ask for what you want right away; ask for something bigger first. When you get a 'no', ask for what you really want. Why it Works: Why it Works: Silence creates uncertainty and pressure to talk. Fear that they won't get their way can encourage them to think your way. By asking for something extravagant you make your real request seem trivial by comparison. Feeling relieved to get out of the first request scot free, the other party is happy to say yes when you ask for something smaller. Offer Social Proof Find Common Ground Provide evidence that your prospects' peers already said yes. Identify and leverage shared interests or common ground. Why it Works: Why it Works: When feeling uncertain about a course of action, we tend to look to those around us for guidance on what to do, or reassurance that we're about to take the right path. We warm to those we share commonalities with (ever been on holiday and bumped into someone from your local town? Chances are you felt a connection, even if you lacked anything else in common). Save the Best for Last Use a Mirror Wrap up with your strongest argument. Place a mirror in a room where negotiations are due to take place. Bigger is better. Why it Works: The 'primacy effect' dictates that when given a sequence of information the part we remember best is the last thing we're told. Why it Works: Studies have shown that we become more trustworthy and open to negotiation when we can see our reflection. Get People to Agree to Something Small Hand Out Compliments Pay a (genuine) compliment to Get people to say "yes" to a small favour before later asking for something bigger. someone you want to persuade. Bonus points for picking something they're not often complimented for. Why it Works: Why it Works: Simple – compliments make us like people, which make us more likely to do what they ask. We like to be seen as consistent and committed. If we say "yes" to one request, we are naturally inclined to say "yes" to the same person in future. magnetic north. Sources:

The Power Of Persuasion

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Trying to influence people, to get them to think like you is a hard thing to do, it isn't luck that helps you, it's hard work and using these hacks in this infographic. If you like this infographic ...


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