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LIFE OF MARINE TURTLES The developmental cycle of a marine turtle is both complex and arduous, spanning over 10-50 years. With only 1 in 1,000 turtle hatchlings surviving past their first year, it's more important than ever to protect these species and to create a better understanding of their life cycle. MARINE TURTLE LIFE CYCLE • Female lays eggs on nesting beach, taking • Hatchlings migrate towards the water about 45 minutes to 6-8 weeks later dig her nest • "Lost Years" - the time between the hatchling's first swim until their return to coastal waters, which can last from 5-10 years • Juveniles then return to coastal waters to forage • Adult turtles almost always return to the same nesting areas to begin the cycle again • Sub-adults and adult turtles migrate to shallow waters once they have reached sexual maturity to breed SPECIES AND FACTS Of the 7 marine turtles in the world, FOUR Marine turtles appear to have the potential to reproduce abundantly: females can lay hundreds of eggs in one nesting season. of them nest in Costa Rica: Leatherback, Green, Olive Ridley and the Hawksbill. And grow up to 9 FT Leatherbacks can weigh up to in length. But even under "natural" 2,000 LBS conditions, relatively few young turtles survive their first year of life. All species of turtles with the exception of the Leatherback, are covered in "scutes," which are keratinized plates. The number and shape of the scutes are used to identify between species. THREATS TO MARINE TURTLES Illegal trade of shells and eggs, which are considered to be an aphrodisiac. Commercial Urbanization & Illegal Trade Fishing Development • Natural predators such as birds, raccoons, snakes, coatis and stray dogs. Oil Marine Natural Spills Debris Predators o°o 主

Poem Solutions Limited

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At Ocean and Beyond, we believe that education should be free for all, no matter where you live, your upbringing, your career prospects, race, gender, and wealth. That is why we will always make sure ...


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