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Lolant Most vegetables require about 6 hours of sunlight. On average, crops need 1 inch of water each week to thrive. peas pole beans beans and ONIONS BEETS lettuce, Onions pepper, Dill CABBAGE Nasturtium repels pests Onions Eggplant Beets SQUASH Nasturtium repels pests Radish BEANS Spinach (matures earlier) cabbage, and potatoes seed - transplant - harvest Avoid beets. Radish garlic, repels pests HARDY SEMI-HARDY TENDER VERY TENDER TOMATO Basil improves flavor 12 12 8 HOW MANY INCHES APART? Transplant or thin plants to this distance. * indicates trellised plant Onions Marigolds Philadelphia Averages Frost °F Trellised cucumbers provide shade 27 43 2.7 LETTUCE 35 53 Pole beans provide shade 3.6 44 64 3.5 COMPANION PLANTING 54 74 The practice of interplanting different plants to reduce pest problems, improve growth/flavor, or increase yield. 3.6 63 82 Some plants are good companions because of growth habit – one plant is harvested before the other attains full size, or a taller plant provides cooling shade. 3.4 69 87 4.2 Herbs and edible flowers like marigolds and nasturtiums often repel pests or improve flavor. 67 85 Some plants shouldn't be grown with each other because they suffer the same diseases, stunt each other's growth, or attract similar pests. 3.5 60 78 3.5 48 66 3.1 Plants requiring a long growing season should be seeded indoors and transplanted into the garden once the weather warms enough. Grow best at 60-80°F; lose quality in heat Require 60°F (daytime) and prefer 70-95° TENDER may be planted from seed near last frost date HARDY SEMI-HARDY will grow at 40° (daytime); can survive some frost VERY TENDER a week of 55°F (daytime) may stunt the crop need 40-50° (daytime); can survive light frost FEB MAR APR MAY NOr PEAS ARUGULA- AUG SEP OCT 0000 BEETS SPINACH · TURNIP - 0000 0000 0000 0000 LETTUCE 000 CHARD •000000- 000000000000 00 RADISH 000 000000 • 000 CABBAGE BROCCOLI LEEKS O000 ONION (sets) 000 POTATO 000000000 0 « suoļuo ən () « suo!|es POLE BEANS* - BUSH BEANS 00000000 000 SQUASH-Summer 8 CUCUMBER* MELON - SQUASH-Winter a 00000000000 TOMATO* TOMATILLO* PEPPER 000000000 EGGPLANT 0000000O 00000000 000 egplant, per KALE GARLIC Avoid tomato, SHALLOTS- 00 oole beans ebeans FROST FREE Avoid potatoes stunt growth Cabbage nurs growithvflavor


shared by Maskar on Jun 01
Planting schedule for a Philadelphia-area vegetable garden, from the 2011 Maskar Design infographic calendar


Kate Maskar


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