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Overview: Refractory Lining

POWERTHERM CS CONTRACT SERVICES LTD Overview: Refractory Lining Refractory lining is used as a protective layer inside equipment such as incinerators and exhaust ducts that acts as a form of insulation to withstand extremely high temperatures. Examples of Refractory Lining services include: » Ramming - Refractory ramming mass is produced from refractory aggregate and powder, binders and additives. Different kinds of ramming mixes are available, dependent on the application. » Packing - Is usually for repair and maintenance work. This method is done by a highly skilled workforce, where they hand pack suitable refractory material against furnace walls for example. Gunned Refractory - a well proven procedure by which refractory can be applied quickly and cost-effectively. Where access is difficult, a lining can be gunned. Gunning is ideal for irregular shapes, where it is difficult to form. >> Cast Refractory - a wet mixed refractory, installed by placing (possibly with the aid of vibration), pouring or rodding. It's also possible to include stainless steel needles into the material, this will strengthen the cast and help prevent excessive breakages. >> » Brick Linings - most suitable for furnaces, kilns or ovens, brick linings require the skill of specialist brcklayers to install insulation grade firebricks or high alumina firebricks, to tight tolerances. » Abrasive Resistant Linings - installed using either a rubber mallet or pneumatic rammer, suitable for equipment such as catalytic crackers in the petrochemical industry. » Ceramic Fibre Modular Linings - Ceramic fibre linings provide a very efficient heat storage and energy saving method of lining for a variety of furnace applications, eliminating the need for dense refractory and reducing installation times. This lining comes in several different forms such as slabs, blankets and veneers. BENEFITS OF REFRACTORY LINING INCLUDE: PROTECTS AGAINST HIGH TEMPERATURES, ACTING AS A FORM OF INSULATION PROTECTS THE STRUCTURE FROM THERMAL SHOCKS (SUDDEN CHANGE IN TEMPERATURES) PROTECTS AGAINST CHEMICALS, TEMPERATURE EROSION AND CORROSION RESISTANCE TO ABRASION RESISTANCE TO OXIDATION AND IGNITION POWERTHERM REFRACTORY LINING: Powertherm have years of experience in mai projects for both new installations and maintenance requirements. Their expertise in thermal insulation lends itself well to this field. large-scale refractory lining They provide a range of refractory lining services including: EXHAUST & FLUE DUCTS INCINERATORS INDUSTRIAL KILNS & & CREMATORS BOILERS FURNACES DIFFUSER НЕАТ EXCHANGERS PETROCHEMICAL EQUIPMΕN : DUCTS CRACKERS They can work to a predetermined specification, or can design a bespoke installation package to meet your required criteria, always considering heat expansion, thermal movement and corrosion. For more details please visit ES POWERTHERM nqa. CONTRACT SERVICES LTD ISO 9001 SafeContractor UKAS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS APPROVED QUALITY MANAGEMENT 015 +44 (0) 114 288 9119 [email protected] Francis House, Orgreave Drive, Handsworth, Sheffield, S13 9NR

Overview: Refractory Lining

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This infographic gives a basic overview about refractory lining and the different types available, along with the protection benefits it provides.


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