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Overview: Refractory Lining in Cremation Furnaces

RES POWERTHERM Res CONTRACT SERVICES LTD Overview: Refractory Lining in Cremation Furnaces Here we will give a brief overview about cremation furnaces and how refractory lining plays a vital role in its oven equipment. CREMATION FURNACE FACTS A human cremation takes around 75 – 90 minutes. Combustion is completely smoke-free and odourless. STANDARDS The temperatures are adjusted to the national standards. The environmental chamber temperature starts at 820 °C, averaging 1100 °C with peaks of up to 1300 °C. CREMAΤION FURNACE PROCESS A cremation of remains with a coffin takes place in a 1 cremation oven. The cremation oven is an incinerator specially designed to burn the human body with a coffin. Before a cremation can take place, the environmental chamber is pre-heated to a temperature of 820 °C. In some countries, including England, it is mandatory to pre-heat both the environmental chamber and the combustion chamber to 820 °C during the cremation. Pre-heating the environmental chamber will only be required for the first cremation of the day. After this, the crematorium oven remains sufficiently warm to allow the following cremation process to take place. After the coffin with the remains are entered and catch 3. fire, the temperature in the oven will rise to around 1100 °C during the process. The cremation process is now fully automated, for which special cremation oven software has been developed. A computer keeps track of exactly what is happening in the cremation oven and can, if necessary, ensure that the correct temperatures are achieved for an optimal cremation process. Despite the automation of the process, there is always a crematorium employee present at a cremation. This operator is also called the "ovenist". The kiln ensures that the coffin (possibly in the presence of the next of kin) is correctly entered into the cremation furnace. POWERTHERM REFRACTORY LINING Refractory lining is an important part of the process equipment for cremation furnaces. It is applied to the internal surface of process equipment. It protects the steel work structure of boilers, vessels, ducting and other equipment from extreme conditions, acting as a protective layer of insulation on the internal surface. Refractory lining protects equipment from extreme temperatures, Powertherm is at the forefront of refractory lining projects, completing numerous projects of all scales. Whether it is a predetermined specification or a bespoke installation with design work, we have the experience and expertise to provide an all-inclusive service, on new installations and for maintenance requirements. Powertherm offers Refractory Lining Services including: Ramming | Packing | Gunning | Casting | Bricking | Pumping Ceramic fibrous products: veneers, slabs, modular and blanket forms Powertherm offers Refractory Lining Services on a full range of small to large industrial assets including: INCINERATORS EXHAUST & INDUSTRIAL KILNS & & CREMATORS FLUE DUCTS BOILERS FURNACES 000 PETROCHEMICAL DIFFUSER НЕАТ EQUIPMENT: CRACKERS DUCTS EXCHANGERS For more details on refractory lining please visit RES POWERTHERM nga. nga. nga. CONTRACT SERVICES LTD ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001 HEALTH ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT & SAFETY MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT +44 (0) 114 288 9119 [email protected] Francis House, Orgreave Drive, Handsworth, Sheffield, S13 9NR Tilul 2.

Overview: Refractory Lining in Cremation Furnaces

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In this infographic we will give an overview about cremation furnaces and how refractory lining plays a vital role in its equipment.


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