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An Overview of Nuclear Power

Res POWERTHERM CONTRACT SERVICES LTD An Overvie of Nuclear Power Nuclear power is the utilisation of nuclear reactions to release energy. Nuclear power will play a crucial role as the UK's energy sector transitions from utilising traditional fuels such as coal to generate power, to an increased focus on renewables. There is no doubt renewables will make up a significant percentage of the UK's energy mix to achieve Net Zero but, to reach that will require an increase in capacity and a diverse mix of power sources, including Nuclear, with each source able to provide enough low-carbon electricity, no matter the conditions, to meet sudden increases in demand. BENEFITS OF NUCLEAR Low cost energy: Although nuclear facilities take considerable investment to build, they have low running costs and long life expectancy, meaning they 31 are cost-effective. Reliable: Unlike renewables such as wind and solar, nuclear isn't dependant on the wind blowing or the sun shining. Low carbon emissions: Nuclear power generates very low carbon emissions and has been compared to the same emissions as wind power. High energy density: Uranium, the raw material used to fuel nuclear facilities is packed full of energy. Meaning much less is needed to generate power: per unit weight, Uranium provides 16,000x more electricity than Coal. 16,000 X Reduce fossil fuel consumption: As nuclear power uses Uranium as fuel, naturally fossil fuel consumption is reduced. CO, Decarbonise the planet. HOW IS POWER GENERATED FROM NUCLEAR? Nuclear power can be generated from either nuclear fusion, fission or decay. Fusion Fusion is the process of binding atoms together. Fission Fission is the process of splitting atoms and is the most common process used to generate energy. During both nuclear fusion and fission heat energy is released. This heat boils water, which creates steam. In turn this makes a turbine rotate which generates electricity. Decay Decay is the process of utilising heat energy which continues to be released from atoms even after nuclear reactions have taken place. Powertherm Contract Services is an industry leader in the provision of industrial services. Over our 30+ years-experience we have successfully provided our specialist services for leaders in the Nuclear Power sector. Due to the nature of nuclear power, we have developed and implemented innovative techniques and solutions to assist our clients to improve processes efficiency, personnel safety, and reduce operational costs. Our experts understand that maintenance is key, as many of the first generation nuclear facilities reach the end of their operational life. For more information please visit: RES POWERTHERM nqa. nga. nqa. CONTRACT SERVICES LTD ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001 Š¯EALTH & SAFETY MANAGEMENT QUALITY ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT 0114 288 9119 [email protected] Francis House, Orgreave Drive, Handsworth, Sheffield, S13 9NR

An Overview of Nuclear Power

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For over 30 years we have successfully provided our specialist services for leaders in the Nuclear Power sector. In this infographic we highlight the processes and benefits of nuclear power generation.


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