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Oust Marriage from Government Incentives

WELCOME TO HISTORY TERMINOLOGY Passed from culture to culture, the terminology and practice of marriage existed in many forms. OUST MARRIAGE Through time and evolution, some cultures faded but religious groups remained- such as Abrahamic religions. FROM GOV INCENTIVES AND, INSTEAD, CALL IT A CIVIL UNION - FOR ALL GOU REGULATION AS EARLY AS 1639 THE MISTAKE THAT IMMEDIATELY EMPOWERED THE CHURCH Uncle Sam regulated marriage to strengthen the country NOT o involve PUTTING GOVERNMENT IN THE PUTTING FUTURE AMMENDMENTS IN DEFINED BY LOVE LED TO roigion. GENDER ROLES STRATEGY MIDDLE OF MARRIAGE THE HANDS OF RELIGION Through time, marriage evolved and was no longer about status or wealth, but rather love. Croating more taxpayors was ono outcome of incontivising marriago. The top Abrahamic religions adopted the term and, in 1215, it was qualidied a sacrament by the Christian church. Both monogamy and polygamy were practiced. Defined between a man and woman, marma ge was strongly ba gender roles and was, oftentimes for strategic purposes. based upon TIME RELIGIO7 now, JUMP INTO THE 18TH AND 19TH WOMEN'S RIGHTS MOVEMENTS CRITERIA CHANGED. LED TO +=$ MONEY REMAIMED. Gender roles dissolving. Both man and woman were slowly recognized as equal parts. %3D CENTURY Marriage redefined, gender roles dissolving, the nuclear home (in the government) was no more, but the government still entrusted a non-nuclear home to create more taxpayers? i guess Arranged marriages were no longer mainstream. AND THE INDUSTRIAL REUOLUTION The government evolved separate to the church, but on what criteria? Then we realize... THIS IS ABOUT MONEY. NOT RELIGION. iSO why should the gov be involved in marriage? because america is based on religion -5 2.) to strengthen our country a.) incentivise the creation of more tax payers b.) provide tax payers a healthy environment c.) healthy environment > smarter children > more innovation > more growth > more money let's define the end, and basic problem solving skills tells us: √čND-MEANS SO THE THE defines & WITH QUESTIONS THE 20TH CENTURY nOW THAT WE KNOW WHAT WE WANT, WE CAN WORK BACHWARDS TO GET IT COME ANSWERS LGBT MOVEMENT SO WHAT CAN FILL to create / raise ? + ? -physical gender doesn't define mental gender. hoalthy taxpayors? FINDINGS -same sex couples are just as fit to raise a child. TAXPAYERS -concensus was reached on disbanning "moral" concerns regularly visited our question THIS ROLE AND THIS ROLE in essence, we want a strong taxpayer populace and so much more. FOR AN ISSUE THATS ABOUT RAISING MORE TAXPAYERS, BUT THE GOUERNMENT, 33 STATES BANNED SEPARATE BUT EQUAL FAILED TO GAIN TRACTION MEANING THAT SAME SEX MARRIAGE RELIGIDN and HATE CRIMES AGAINST HOMOSEXUALS HAS RISEN 1-11-65 AND NOT FOLLOWING A HOLY BOOKI 17 states approved same sex marriage WAS STILL A SLAUE TO RELIGION SO WHAT'S THE COMMON TREND? A PEN WRITES LEGISLATION, NOT CULTURE. FOR RELIGIONS WELL, WHAT CREATES THE GREATEST AMOUNT OF GOOD FOR THE GREATEST AMOUNT OF PEOPLE? AND DO WE KNOW THE WHERE SHOULD LEGALIZE GAY MARRIAGE WE GO? CIUIL UNION FOR ALL ALIENATION UNEQUAL SEPARATE BUT EQUAL TREATMENT BEING THE SCAPE LOSING UNDER THE GOAT FOR ALL "SANCTITY" LAW PROBLEMS OF MARRIAGE POSSIBLE NEGATIVES IF WE CALL IT A HAVING UNNECESSARY CHURCH KEEPING MOTIVE FOR CIVIL UNION FOR ALL POWER HATE CRIMES PROLONGED CULTURAL TRANSITION +We remove the power from the church, indefinitely +Marriage returns to religious institutions (aka keeps sanctity) FOR LGBT +Cultural transition is expedited UNEQUAL TREATMENT +We remove motive for extremism / hate crimes / polarization UNDER THE LAW +Amendments affect everyone, not one demographic. MAKING US ALL EQUAL, UNDER THE LAW. CREATING MORE STRENGTHENING AND MOVING US TAXPAYERS OUR COUNTRY FORWARD TAXPAYERS GZ INFOGRAPHIC BY ANDREW ZGODA The author of this infographic is not affiliated with any political organization. With proper attribution to the author's full name [andrew zgoda], this infographic may be used for commericial purposes. This infographic is to be displayed in it's entirety, and shall not be reproduced or displayed in parts. Design, concept & copyright by andrew zgoda | | [email protected] WAS IH BUT STILL

Oust Marriage from Government Incentives

shared by Zgoda.Andrew on Mar 17
Let's point fingers, but not at each other. The government's involvement in marriage has created quite the battle, over the years.


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