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Our Nation's Veterans: The Who, the What and the Where (And Why You Should Hire Them)

A SNAPSHOT OF TODAY'S VETERANS UNDEREMPLOYMENT AND OVERQUALIFICATION There are 21.8 MILLION VETERANS in the United States. Employment situation for veterans who served from 2001 to 2012: The current Male Veterans Female Veterans The UNEMPLOYMENT RATE FOR 18 TO 24-YEAR-OLD MALE 1.6 million UNEMPLOYMENT RATE is 29.1% veterans is 291 percent, illustrating the challenges many veterans encounter as they transition to the civilian workforce. 20.2 million 9.7% Breakdown by RACE & ETHNICITY* 56 percent of the veterans who returned from service over the past two 17.5 million White alone not Hispanic or Latino down from 56% years said they are CURRENTLY EMPLOYED FULL TIME. 2.4 million Hispanic or Latino 11.7% 1.2 million Black 265,000 Asian 157,000 | American Indian or Alaska Native 46% 46 percent think they are OVERQUALIFIED FOR THEIR CURRENT JOB. "covers orly thoe 28.000 | Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander a year before. repating e single sace CITIES WITH THE MOST VETERANS VETERANS' BIGGEST CHALLENGES HOW VETERANS VIEW THEMSELVES AS WORKERS 20.9% IN FINDING WORK OUR NATION'S 24% Hampton, VA I can think on my feet 87% Finding a work environment in which they feel comfortable. Clarksvile. TN VETERANS I work well on a team 83% Jacksonville. NC 2 Knowing what kind of jobs to apply for. I have experience dealing with conflict effectively 73% The Who, the What and the Where 226% I have technology training Getting people to understand how their military experience translates to civilian work. 65% Killeen, TX 28.9% Fayetteville, NC 22.1% I trust leaders/superiors 58% (And Why You Should Hire Them) Knowing where to begin, including how to write a résumé and where to look for a job. I have exp. working/serving in other countries 48% ***- States with 1.6m more than 2m I MILLION 1.6m With their military background, extensive training. specialized skills and breadth of experience, veterans bring many unique elements to the workforce. INDUSTRIES LEADING THE WAY VETERANS IN THE GREEN Veterans own 9% OF Veterans' annual income is about $10,000 higher than that of the average American.* ALL U.S. BUSINESSES. A LONG HISTORY OF SERVICE As President Obama has said when referring to veterans wide range of skills, “This is exactly the kind of leadership and responsibility that every American business should be competing to attract." While many employers recognize the unique value military experience can bring, they don't always understand how military skills translate into civilian jobs. ÅÅðððÖÕÖÕÕÕé¿ $35,367 ÅÅÅðÖðĞĞĞĞðÖðèO Median income of JO00ÖÖÓÓJALÕÕÖÓ veterans Of the 21.8 million veterans in the United States, more Tansporlation than 1,3 MILLION SERVED IN MULTIPLE WARS. $1.2 TRILLION The amount of money in receipts generated by these businesses Marulacturing Veterans of 2 WARS Veterans ŠÖŠŠÕÕĞĞÕŠÕŠÕÅÅ $24,521 Median income of Non-veterans 837,000 served during GULF I & GULF II Retal 211,000 served during KOREA & VIETNAM Professional, scientific NON-Veterans 147,000 served during WWII & KOREA waste mgmt Let's take a closer look at who our nation's veterans are, Educalion, health care, social asistance d888ÖÖ8ÕÕÕÕÕÕÅ $25,605 where they can be found, and what challenges they're facing right now. Veterans of 3 WARS B88ÖÖĞĞÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ Median income of total U.S. pop. Arts entertainment accomodalion, food recreation $5.8 MILLION people employed by veteran-owned businesses 49,500 served during VIETNAM, GULF I & GULF II 54,000 served during WWII, KOREA & VIETNAM * Malia inaverefes to thoar uba are 18 yars end ouer wit incor is de put 12 monds. hwoner indudea not ouấy auge md emplayrent, bat ale Social Senrity, retireent pesiner, VA payurat, md ather forru of icoe. careerbuilder SOURCES: 1. American Commanity Sarvey, 2010| 2. Economic Cemsus (Sarvey of Busines Owners), 2007 | 3. Employment Siknation Sammary from che Bureas of Labor Statisties, Sepember 2012:hap://wwwllagewlaews.ndease/empsiarahem |4. Employmene Sinuation of Veterans, 2011: baps//|5. CarrerBuilder nationwide study, June 2012

Our Nation's Veterans: The Who, the What and the Where (And Why You Should Hire Them)

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With their military background, extensive training, specialized skills and breadth of experience, veterans bring many unique elements to the workforce.



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