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Number Plate Cloning

NUMBER PLATE CLONING PI4 TES PA TES Automatic Number Plate Recognition Technology (or ANPR) is everywhere, with more than 8500 such cameras around the UK capturing up to 35 million registrations per day. It is used to help combat crime, issuing fines to those guilty of motoring offences. However, as a result of this new technology a new crime has emerged: Number Plate Cloning. With number plate cloning, criminals copy the registration number from a vehicle of the appropriate make, model, and colour and get identical number plates made up. This means they can avoid congestion charges, speeding tickets and parking fines. The fines are still issued, but the demand for money goes to the rightful owner of the registration instead! There are an estimated 90,000 cloned vehicles on our roads. Steps you can take to minimise your risk and chance of prosecution: Take photos of your vehicle. These can be a great help in showing subtle differences between any offending vehicle and your own. Those dents and scrapes and other imperfections (or lack thereof) could get you off the hook, as can any distinctive stickers or other decals you may have. Speaking of number plates, ensure you purchase your plates from a legally registered manufacturer. A legitimate manufacturer is legally obliged to provide their details on the plate, albeit using a small design or font. Cloned plates frequently lack this detail. If you are a victim of registration cloning, contact the DVLA and the police. It may not lead to an investigation, but it will contribute to your evidence of innocence. CCTV footage can help prove your whereabouts - you can use the ANPR technology of the area you were in at the time the fine was issued. You have the right to ask for this footage, but that doesn't mean it's easy to get hold of! It might be worth getting a dash camera as they can help prove your location. GPS tracking, too, is a good investment. Similarly, the testimony of other people can help argue your case, if they're willing to provide witness statements. If you find you have been cloned, a replacement registration number is a great way to avoid further fines. A personal plate does not have to be expensive. Check out our extensive range at *** Designed & Compiled by: PLATES4LESS 01792 477316 wwW.PLATES4LESS.CO.UK FOR ALL YOUR PRIVATE NUMBER PLATE NEEDS

Number Plate Cloning

shared by kentcharlie on Feb 05
Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology (or ANPR) is everywhere, with more than 8500 such cameras around the UK capturing up to 35 million registrations per day. It is used to help combat crime,...




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