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MyDoodleSongs Case Study

CASE STUDY MyDoodleSongs How it all started... 2- min Hi Guys! I've got an idea. Did you see today's google Doodle? Why don't we do something with that? We could make a gallery where people show the letters/numbers they type to create the melodies, and then share them. Yeah! That could work. Are you up to it Juan? Sure. I like it! Okay, let's do it :) Yes. It's Hipchat's ( Logo. We use it every day and we love it! The rough sketch hour Fw Fireworks File Edit View Select Modify Text Commands Filters 100% Select Original Preview 02-Up 84-Up Bitmap AMyDoodleSongs Vector Web Implementation hours Project New Preview Action V WORKSPACE O single.html 2 header.php V FILES 10 2 d.js By Vulsai< 11 12 2 footer.php 13 2 functions.php 14 Z header.php 15 16 | images 17 O index.html var -gaq gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-23873997-1']); -gaq. push (['_trackPageview' ]); (function () { 18 gaq || []; 2 index.php 19 20 js 21 A nage-4.nhn & WordPress ( we you < Site Up! Hooray! so... what happened next? Friends & Colleagues helped us to start the ball rolling. Timeline Grizzluza [a.k.a. Grizzly] @Grizzluza Unfollow #29,786,735 Grizzluza Hey @CreativeSocial, go to #MyDoodleSongs a quick response from argentinean agency Vulsai, and play a song! Grizzluza I do prefer #MyDoodleSongs over #DoodleTunes by far. Grizzluza I've created this awesome song using Les Paul #Doodle. Check and vote it! #mydoodlesongs Grizzluza Music lovers, did you enjoy the Les Paul Google Doodle today? Go play with #MyDoodleSongs here! And boy.. did the ball roll.. ©5. Site down due to high traffic. min ©45. The server came back up and we had to patch it up. Cache to the server's rescue! (APC + WP-Super-Cache) Site went back up and stayed that way :) 24hr. Statistics! the site's numbers after 24hs. 50.000 TT unique visitors 1 TTT Visits 25,065 Visits from all around the world, specially in Latin America Brazil kicked ass! Thanks Brazil! 300.000 page views =6 per user 05.46 O000 average time on site 300 songs created by users twitter #mydoodlesongs/ alexanderchen Compilation site of songs playable on the Google doodle. Amazing this was built in just a day. danigranatta más chingón incluso que el doodle de hoy de Google: my doodle songs (vía @grizzluza) workforfood My Doodle Songs Schwartzie14 This is really fun to play with! RT @vulsai: What do you think of this 5 hour project? Would love to hear your input! Gilsun gibsonmexico #LesPaul #Google vulsai @GoogleDoodles @jess3 Here you will find more than 600 songs created by users, using the Les Paul #doodle 13 by jess3 RicardoBlanco +1 a Indiana Jones en A de-indiana-jones :) YoungRubicamBA Ya RT @PabloSanchez Si les gustó el #Doodle de hoy, les va a encantar #MyDoodleSongs / Buenisimo! 2800 unique tweets (not RT) Conclusion Media Spent? Fun & Experience? NONE LOTS Profit? Happy People? NONE LOTS Think Fast. Act Faster. Have fun. vulsai empowering thinking Thanks Everyone! :) / [email protected] / @vulsai

MyDoodleSongs Case Study

shared by pablosanchez on Jul 20
♫ MyDoodleSongs, a fun 5-hour project by Vulsai, using Google's Les Paul doodle. These are some stats of the experiment!




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