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Mobilizing New Harvesters

1 NEW HARVESTERS AN ANSWER TO PRAYER As the Global Church responds to the Great Commission, there are many new harvesters in the field. EXPLORE THEIR CONTRIBUTION AND CONSIDER YOURS! PRAY For more than two centuries, this SEND approach to mission has been the main GO Today it is being adopted and adapted in new places like the five largest ones shown. Thank the Lord of the harvest for this answer to prayer, and keep praying. Many more countries need to join these five. MOBILIZE one-mission agencies and churches sending full-time workers to faraway places to spread the gospel. II I| || A 20% MOBILIZED 52% MOBILIZED 46% MOBILIZED 60,000 ACTUALLY SENT ' 115,000 POTENTIAL 22,000 ACTUALLY SENT 1 46,000 POTENTIAL 6,500 ACTUALLY SENT 32,000 POTENTIAL CHINA SOUTH ΚOREA NIGERIA OLDER HARVESTERS Missionaries Missionaries Mobilization Potential Sent Percentage USA India E UK 1+I Canada Australia 95,000 83,000 6,500 5,000 4,000 1,021,000 8,000 50,000 28,000 43,000 9% 1,019% 13% 18% 9% 55% MOBILIZED 3% MOBILIZED 4,500 ACTUALLY SENT 8,000 POTENTIAL 3,500 ACTUALLY SENT 125,000 POTENTIAL PHILIPPINES BRAZIL 3,500 SENT MOBILIZATION POTENTIAL: The "mobilization percentage" is the actual number of missionaries sent divided by the potential number a country would send if only 1% of evangelical income 2 were given to missionary sending and even if it cost $50,000 to send one. Countries may raise or lower the "1%" or the cost per missionary in order to calculate their own mobilization percentage more realistically than the global formula does. ÷ 125,000 POTENTIAL DO THE MATH 3% MOBILIZED HARVEST QUESTIONS (If your country is shown above) How does the mobilization percentage estimate prompt us to pray and act? How much more motivated would we be if we knew the exact, true percentage which only God knows? Do we primarily see Are we assuming that our country can relax and send fewer missionaries than Which approach to mission does God want the church in ourselves as a mission our country to use--harvesters, neighbors, or ambassadors? Or is it some combination? (See the other two graphics in this series.) field or a mission force? What is holding us back from joining with other New Harvesters? before because these five new countries are now sending some? Why isn't India in the Top 5"? It is not new enough. We are using 1980 as the year when the "new harvesters" started expanding rapidly', and India started well before that. 3 A CAUTION! More research needed. Estimates vary wildly on some figures. One source gives a range of "20,000+ to 100,000+ for Chinese missionaries. One source lists India as having 82,950 Indian evangelical missionaries; another says there are only 10,000 Indian missionaries including Catholic and other non-evangelicals!! 3WAYS HARVESTERS IS THE FIRST OF THREE TO ENGAGE GRAPHICS ON MISSION MOBILIZATION. Neighbors Ambassadors Harvesters "Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." Mt. 9:38 (NIV) Pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send out more laborers...specifically from new harvest fields! Sources listed at To find more infographics from GMI, visit CENTER FOR MISSION MOBILIZATION GLOBAL MOBILIZATION CONSULTATION 2015 . . .. ....... SPONSORED BY gmi BY NO Copyright © 2015 Center For Mission Mobilization used with permission by GMI

Mobilizing New Harvesters

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While most of the Church is aware of the Great Commission, mobilizing people for mission is still a great challenge. With the insecurity in the world, changing funding models (causing a drop in fundin...


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