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Middle East Call to Prayer

to Prayer This symbol is the Arabic letter N for Nasrani (Nazarene) used by some groups middle Call to denote Christians. Consider praying when the Muslim call to prayer goes out each day East at dawn, mid-day, afternoon, sunset and night. Put a reminder on your phone or computer for one day a week at the five times of the Muslim call to prayer or every day at one of the five times. Pray that even in the midst of terrible persecution, the Gospel will be made known with boldness. Turkey's transformation from guardian of Christendom to unevangelized nation has been total. Now a secular state, it was the leader Change in Proportion of Christians TURKEY of the Christian world for centuries -22 and then of the Muslim world Current level of violence against Christians may for centuries more. exacerbate the decline in some countries. Some areas of growth are due to Christian immigra local converts. For example, in Bahrain, the labor force is 59% foreign, drawn from more than 50 nations. Nearly half the Christian congregations and house groups there are from southern India. IRAQ rather than -5 Syria's Antiochan Church was Pray for Christian leaders, that they Lebanon is the may faithfully shepherd their flock during this season, with particular wisdom in how they gather together to worship. instrumental in initiating mission to the Gentiles (Acts 13). LEBANON only Arab state not officially Muslim. This is due to the historic presence of a large Christian minority (32% of population). -43 Syria #3 Historic ISRAEL Center of -6 JORDAN KUWAIT -3 Christianity Iraq +9 14 Iran Israel and Palestine are not the # 9 IRAN +1 only parts of the region that are important in Christian history. PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES -10 SAUDI ARABIA For over 1,000 EGYPT +4 BAHRAIN -9 +13 years, Egypt was a majority-Christian country, even after the Arab Muslim conquest in AD 640. 2 It still has a Christian Praise God for the ways he is at work, QATAR drawing people to Qatar +9 himself. minority (mostly Coptic) of nearly 13%. Egypt # 22 # 19 U.A.E. +12 OMAN Protestant +4 7% Christians Living In Middle East 5 of 10 5 countries in the Middle East are Saudi among top 10 countries for religious persecution." The top 25 countries for religious persecution include: Arabia God #36 Christian Population Trends in the Middle East is at Catholic i 141.4 The Christian 27% Work population has N Non Christian Kasr El-Dobara, said to be the largest grown much more 69 movements slowly than the non-Christian to Christ in the Islamic World have emerged since Christian Protestant church in the Middle East, is strategically located near Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt. 2000, each with at least 100 fellowships or 1,000 baptized believers." population. Population in Millions 14.2 YEMEN Internet outreach provides evangelism and discipleship in areas where Christian activity is restricted. 5.8 million people accessed a gospel website from Egypt in 2013." Watch people accessing gospel information real-time on the map at 1.6 7.5 Pray for Christians in the Middle East Yemen who hear the Muslim call to prayer every day and who are facing difficult decisions about staying in their homes or fleeing persecution. 1900 1950 1970 2000 2010 Orthodox #10 66% Christians in the Middle East include all strands of Christian expression Sources are available at Brought to you by our sponsor: Engage Study Are you listening to your field staff? To find more infographics Sign up for the Engage Study before Nov. 30th and your first 50 missionaries take the survey free! from GMI visit gmi a share of population, 1900-2015 (projected), in percentage points. - Changes

Middle East Call to Prayer

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How did the area of the world known as the birthplace of civilization and later Christianity become a place so hostile to the followers of Jesus? Explore some of the history of Christianity in the Mid...


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