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Metal Music Myths & Facts

Metal Music Facts & Mpths Fll Metalheads Are tThe Same | Not true actualy according to metal genre style and lifestyle varies Heavy Metal Fan: Thrash Metal Fan: Power Metal Fan: Death Metal Fan: Black Metal Fan: Leather jacket with spikes and skinny leather pants. Studded wrist bands and Denim vest with patches and super skinny jeans Bullet belt and sneakers. Exremely long hair and masculine physique. Short camo pants and skull tee and sneakers. Wears corpse paint, spikes, leather jacket and pants. Long black hair is a must. Loves burning churches, and killing stuff for fun. Casual metal clothes. Drinks and smokes a lot. army boots, Can talk for They also love beer and getting wasted! Fantasy books owner and probably owns a sword. Loves gore horror movies, moshpits and stage diving hours about Metal. Ten Myths About Metal Here the 10 most common misjudgments about Metal Music Metal Musicians are Stupid: Metal is Bad for Children: Talentless Musicians: Mentally Unstable: Metal fans have long hair: Many believe that metal musicians are uneducated. Not true most of them are highly educated people with college degrees. Not true Metal music is one of the most difficult genre of music to play. Some of the best guitarists, drummers are all metal musicians. Many people believe that metalheads are mentally unstable. Not true we just love and enjoy different things from you. Much of metal is oriented Well most of them do but towards children and not all of them. There are many metalheads out there with short hair or even no teens as a less serious way to cope with stress than other means available. hair at all. Metal is Against Religion: Metal promotes Satanism: Metalheads are Barbarians: Metal Promotes Crime: Metal Musicians are Fascist: Many believe that metal heads are barbaric people that love breaking stuff and get high. Not true most of them are very quiet people. Many say they believe certain races or ethnic groups are Metal is not anti-religious Religion is not very well liked in Metal, but it's not exactly hated. There are bands that feature Satanism but most metal musicians do not practice such beliefs except for a very few Black Metal Bands. Does listening to metal promotes crime and turn people violent? Of course it doesn't. Songs don't kill people. People kill people. better or worse than others, it is most common that it is part of a stage presence. All Metalheads Die From Overdose Not true actually most of them die from natural causes and accidents Randy Rhoads Ronnie James Dio Cliff Burton Dimebag Darrell Chuck Schuldiner Legendary guitar player of Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot died in a plane accident. He was 25 years old. Legendary vocalist and songwriter of Rainbow, Black Sabbath and his own band Dio. He died from cancer, Legendary bassist of Metallica he died in a bus Legendary guitarist of Pantera and Damege Plan, Legendary guitarist and vocalist of Death. a pioneering force in death metal died after a lengthy battle with a brain tumor. He was 34 years old. accident while touring overseas, he was 24 He was shot and killed by a gunman on stage. He was 38 years old. he was 67 years old. years old. マ O

Metal Music Myths & Facts

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Some of the most common Metal Music Myths & Facts Illustrated.


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