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Maximising Desktop-to-Mobile Site Migration [Infographic]

MAXIMISING 10 DESKTOP-TO-MOBILE STE MIGRATION In the race to capitalise on the increasingly mobile-heavy usage of the Internet, businesses could easily neglect their desktop sites. However, the traditional method still matters greatly, so the best approach is to effectively migrate the desktop site to a mobile version. • (STATISTICS A LOT MORE TIME IS NOW BEING SPENT ON MOBILE, ALTHOUGH DESKTOP STILL HAS ITS PLACE. 61% of total digital minutes In the UK, adults spend In the USA, adults spend an average of 66 hours a month online on a in the UK come from mobile. an average of 87 hours a month online on a This figure rises to 71% in USA and China, 75% in Mexico and a whopping 91% in Indonesia. smartphone, compared to 29 hours on a desktop. smartphone, compared to 34 hours on a desktop. 75% of UK adults use Almost 70% of American smartphones daily for personal online browsing, compared to 66% who use laptops every day for this adults use both desktop and mobile platforms, with desktop-only and mobile-only user numbers both hovering around the 15% mark. purpose. Sources: Ofcom/comScore MOBILE MEDIA USAGE FAR EXCEEDS DESKTOP, ALTHOUGH THE GAP VARIES DEPENDING ON THE TIME OF DAY Desktop impressions peak during daytime hours (10am-5pm), as this is when people are most likely to be at work and using a desktop device. Mobile impressions peak in morning time (7am-10am) as people are likely upon getting up. Tablet impressions peak in late evening (8pm-midnight), with this being the likeliest time for watching content on a tablet device. browse their phones extensively Source: comScore DESKTOP VISITS STILL DOMINATE FOR MOST INDUSTRIES, BUT THE GAP IS CLOSING. Sectors such as technology, financial However, since the beginning of 2015, smartphone revenue per visit to online retailers has grown services and telecommunications all have 75% or more of their site visits (on average) coming from desktop. from 19% to 30%. Source: Adobe Digital Index O OPTIONS FOR DESKTOP-TO-MOBILE MIGRATION MOBILE WEBSITE RESPONSIVE WEBSITE The solution preferred by many businesses is to convert their desktop site into a mobile-friendly version, with content and features rearranged for mobile screens so that the user gets the same value as they would from the desktop site. It is also generally the most cost-effective way of managing the desktop-to-mobile transition, although if poorly executed, the mobile site will be of little value to visitors. A responsive website saves the need to run two sites, as it will appear the same on mobile as it will on a desktop. This option is preferred by many small businesses with limited resources who do not want to compromise on the site's functionality, although speed optimisation may be affected as a full site is being sent through the Internet. BOOK MOBILE APP HYBRID SOLUTION Depending on your business type, it might be a good idea to create a task-oriented mobile app for completing a certain function, e.g. an airline's app could be geared towards booking flights and checking departure or arrival times. These functions are very practical for people who want to do specific tasks quickly and easily, although the apP could be costly to develop. A hybrid solution usually combines a task-oriented app with the company's full website and is a good way of giving visitors the option of completing a specific task quickly and easily, as well as supplying all the information contained within the desktop version of your site. DESIGN TIPS FOR MOBILE SITES BUY NOW I If there are a lot of videos on your webpage, use YouTube videos on the mobile site as Clickable buttons on mobile sites should be at least 44px by 44px so that users are less likely to miss it or hit another button by mistake. YouTube embed codes are responsive by their nature, making them easy to view on a mobile device. Include a viewport metatag for each page on your site, as this tells the mobile browser that the If building a separate mobile site, include an option at the end of the site for visitors to page must fit on the screen, which cuts out irritating scrolling across the page. Also, ensure that the viewport tag is set up to view the full desktop version of the site, as some may prefer to have the full site experience irrespective of the device on which they're browsing. remove auto-zoom. T Sans-serif fonts tend to be easier to read on mobile devices than serif alternatives, although with the best option being to keep the desktop and mobile fonts consistent, amending the font on the desktop version may be advisable. Also, bigger fonts work better for mobile due to the relatively small screen space - 14px should be the minimum. HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF DESKTOP-MOBILE MIGRATION Optimise your mobile site for SEO just as you would the desktop site. Search engines now crawl mobile sites when determining Even if you are focusing on optimising your mobile site, don't neglect the desktop site completely, as a lot of conversions still occur through desktop despite the increasing shift in activity towards mobile. their rankings, and with many mobile sites not optimised for SEO, doing so gives you a strong chance of getting one over on competitors. When designing your mobile site, do it as if you were creating a site for the first time. It's better to do this and make the most of the superior Use micro-conversions that engage with users via email and direct them to the desktop site for conversion. Some users may be reluctant to complete delicate or long-form tasks through mobile, so following up via email allows them come back to desktop at a more suitable time and convert them then. screen space for desktop than to just code your desktop site and write style sheets to fit a smartphone form factor. REFERENCES .tZGH608 a-budget/#1e04ace64ea5 ers ITSOLUTIONS XXXX

Maximising Desktop-to-Mobile Site Migration [Infographic]

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In the rush to embrace mobile, it’s easy for businesses to neglect their desktop sites, but most conversions still happen via this method, so it is not advisable to disregard your desktop site compl...


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