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Materials used for Knife Handles

BLADEHO.COM MATERIALS USED FOR KNIFE HANDLES SYNTHETICS Thermoset composite material with layers of fibers transfused with resin Super durable and lightweight Trademark of Norplex-Micarta MICARTA Glass-reinforced epoxy laminate made of woven fiberglass cloth with epoxy resin Absorbs very little water Strong thermoset plastic GIO Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon/Glass Reinforced Nylon is same and similar to Zytel Composite of nylon and glass fibers, that optimize strength and other characteristics Strong material, though more flexible than thermoset resins like G-10/Micarta FRN GRN DuPont's trademark nylon resins Excellent balance of properties Nylon components produced by injection, extrusion or blow molding ZYTEL Rubber-like polymer is soft yet strong and grippy Trademarked elastic thermoplastic polymer Advantages of rubber while resistant to heat, weathering and chemicals KRATON Fiber-reinforced polymer with carbon fibers Very strong and light weight CARBON Generally used in expensive knives FIBER METALS Generally seen as 6O6I-T6 Aluminum Allay of Magnesium and Silicon The T6 refers to the tempered grade ALUMINUM Often referred to as Aircraft Aluminum Minimum of 12% chromium in steel Rust-resistant STAINLESS STEEL Most commonly used for knife blade Generally used in alloy form of Titanium GA14V Extremely light weight TITANIUM High strength-to-weight ratio NATURAL MATERIALS Gives knife a particular aesthetic often used on higher end knives Not best for every day carry knives Requires proper drying and preparation High value, great feel WOD Stag, Oosik, Dark Horn, Honey Horn Mammoth Ivory, Ivory BONE Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Blacklip, Goldlip Price/value determined by depth of color and iridescence and being free of inclusions Mother of pearl comes from pearl oyster, freshwater pearl mussels, abalone PEARL Common name for specific group of edible sea snails and marine mollusks Very colorful and varies considerably ABALONE Usually quite thin and applied to a composite like a veneer HYBRIDS "Stabilized" with Acrylic resin Resists water and staining Heavier than the original wood STABILIZED Polishes and cleans up nicely WOOD Wood/plastic composite More or less a plywood that is dyed Usually made from birch LAMINATES Weather and moisture resistant BLADEHQ BLADEHQ.COM

Materials used for Knife Handles

shared by BladeHQ on Jun 13
This infographic teaches you about the different materials used for knife handles.






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