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Major Factors that Contribute to Motor Accident Occurrences in California

MAJOR FACTORS THAT CONTRIBUTE TO MOTOR ACCIDENT OCCURRENCES IN CALIFORNIA Impaired Driving 1 Most personal injury attorney in California state impaired driving is one of the leading factors responsible for motor collisions taking place in the state. This is as a result of incessant alcohol intake, or drugs. If one goes by surveys, 25 percent of traffic deaths were as a result of dosage of alcohol. Speeding 2 Another major factor contributing to the occurrence of such incidents is speeding. As per a report submitted by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, speeding reduces a driver's effective reaction time and control over their vehicle. This in turn causes catastrophic results such as death, and so on. Distractions 3 Distractions are very common these days, due to which accidents take place. This includes texting, talking on the phone, and so on. All this in fact contributes to majority of these situations. Thus, in a situation whereby you or someone close to you becomes witness to such incidents as a result of someone else's distracted driving activity, then it is time to book a consultation with a car accident lawyer in California right way. Making Improper Turns This is probably one of the prime factors responsible for most car collisions. You would be surprised to know that in 2007 alone, close to around 85,967 fatalities took place as a result of people making improper turns in the state of California. Since this is one of the very popular factors responsible for motor collisions, when lawyers are greeted with such a case, that is to say, motor accidents as a result of making improper turns, they utilize their knowledge to deal with these incidents in the most strategic manner. Drifting Out of Lane Because of Drifting out of Lane, According to reports, close to around 15,574 fatalities which include deaths (wrongful in nature) took place as a result of this situation. So when such an occurrence does happen it is best to consult with the best team of legal experts so that one is able to receive proper remuneration for their damages. Not Abiding by Traffic Laws You know it yet you don't want to follow it. Yes, we are talking about the traffic laws. We all are aware about the rules and regulations related to traffic but seldom are we willing to follow them. This indeed becomes one prime reason that corresponds to the occurrence of these incidents actually, in the first place. Credits: SAW LAW GROUP

Major Factors that Contribute to Motor Accident Occurrences in California

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It is very important to be attentive when you are driving, for your safety as well as for others safety. Make sure you have an idea of them before booking a consultation with a personal injury lawyer ...


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