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A Look at Vertical Transportation Inside One World Trade Center

A LOOK AT VERTICAL TRANSPORTATION INSIDE 1 WORLD TRADE CENTER 73 elevators and 11 escalators 102 provided by ThyssenKrupp Elevator for vertical transportation total stories with a total height of The building will soon have the FASTEST 1776 ft elevators in the Western Hemisphere traveling at speeds of 2,000 fpm or 23 miles per hour (as fast as Usain Bolt's world record) (representing America's year of independence) At its 2013 completion, 1 World Trade Center will be the TALLEST 60 seconds: BUILDING in the Americas' Travel time from bottom to top floor The length of STEEL CABLES in the elevators is longer than the distance from NYC to Baltimore 1WTC Willis Tower Trump Empire Bank of Tower St├Ąte America (198 miles) The elevators' counterweights weigh more than one million pounds, or 250 average sized cars Countries that contributed to the elevators: Weight of the largest elevator motors: Roller guides 4 million pounds of rail Door Motors, controls, governors 50,000 pounds... systems .more than 1,500 CONCRETE CINDER BLOCKS Testing of Engineering motors and drives Travel, hoist, compensation cables 100% Advantages to the Destination Dispatch technology, which will be used for 90 percent of the passenger elevators: of the elevator cab is made in the good ol U.S. of A. O faster trip times O fewer lobby crowds O increased security For more information about the One World Trade Center elevators, visit: ThyssenKrupp ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas Sources Not Garnered from ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas: 1. Lower manhattan development corporation. The plan for lower manhattan: World trade center towers. Retrieved from 2. How fast can an olympic sprinter go?. Retrieved from 3. New york city skyscraper diagram. Retrieved from 4. Comparison chart: LED lights vs. incandescent light bulbs vs. CFLS. Retrieved from 5. Googlemaps: New york, ny to baltimore, md. Retrieved from 6. Lowrey, A. Your big car is killing me. Retrieved from 7. How much does a cinder block weigh?. Retrieved from 8. Original photo of 1 WTC (before modification) courtesy of Joe Woolhead.

A Look at Vertical Transportation Inside One World Trade Center

shared by graffvic on Jul 12
The One World Trade Center project includes 73 elevators and 11 escalators and when complete it will have the fastest elevators in the Western Hemisphere.


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