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The Logistics of a Store Remodel

The Logistics Of A STORE REMODEL BROUGHT TO YOU BY ATLAS LOGISTICS DID YOU KNOW IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT A COMPLETE STORE REMODEL OCCUR EVERY 5 TO 7 YE ARS TO KEEP THINGS CURRENT AND MODERN? Atlas Logistics plays a big role in store remodels for many retail locations across the nation. LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT THE PROCESS AND TIMELINE INVOLVED IN A COMPLETE STORE REMODEL. 8 WEEKS PRIOR TO CONSTRUCTION PICKING A WAREHOUSE IS BASED ON 3 FACTORS PROXIMITY CAPACITY AVAILABILITY 5,000 50 21+ sg. ft. needed for storage space. At least 1/2 of this needs to be miles or less away weeks needed from store location. open floor space. of storage space. STARTING 4 WEEKS PRIOR TO CONSTRU CTION GATHERING THE MATERIALS ATLAS LOGISTICS SCHEDULES TRANSPORTATION OF GOODS WITH THE MATERIAL SUPPLIERS. All materials secured in warehouse full seven days before construction begins. IN TOTAL, INBOUND GOODS SHIPMENTS AVERAGE ABOUT TEN TRUCKLOADS 8 PARTIAL TRUCKLOADS. ALSO, STARTING 4 WEEKS PRIOR TO CONSTRUCTION MANAGING THE MATERIALS Atlas Logistics plans for delivery, distribution, storage, collection, and removal of all materials and tangible components in the project. Atlas Logistics ensures that when it is time for delivery, materials go out on time and in perfect condition. MATERIALS ARE CHECKED AGAINST THE MASTER INVENTORY AND PUT IN THE RETAILER'S DATABASE. TYPICALLY, REQUESTS FOR DELIVERY OF MATERIALS FROM WAREHOUSE TO STORE NEED TO BE MADE 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE, BUT SOMETIMES DELIVERIES ARE EXPEDITED SAME DAY. CONSTRUCTION BEGINS DELIVERING THE MATERIALS Since stores stay in operation during remodeling, dellverles take place after the close of buslness. TUT TUT TUT ATLAS LOGISTICS WILL PERFORM 20-30 DELIVERIES OF PERMANENT FIXTURES THROUGHOUT CONSTRUCTION DURING THE EVENING HOURS. CONSTRUCTION COMPLETE THE FINISHING TOUCHES After all permanent fixtures are installed, the stage is set for completion. Atlas Logistics makes the final delivery of furnishings, tables, racks, and mannequins. Thls Is the most labor-Intenslve task In the process. The final step for the retailer will be to display their products throughout the newly remodeled store to be ready for their customers. AN ATLA S CREW OF 12-25 M OVERS DELIVER 5-7 TRUCKLOADS OF FLOOR FIXTURES & MANNEQUINS IN ONE NIGHT. REVERSE LOGISTICS SOLUTION DESIGNATED ITEMS ARE RETURNED TO THE WAREHOUSE FOR 1 Reuse at other stores (delivered within seven days) 2 Return to the manufacturer Recycling AFTER A REMODEL, SALES TO NEW SALES TO EXISTING CUSTOMERS CUSTOMERS INCREASE INCREASE BY 44% 7-10% $ Sources: ATLAS LOGISTICS" TM &© 2015 AWGI LLC An Atlas Company >>> %24

The Logistics of a Store Remodel

shared by AtlasLogistics on Nov 28
Atlas Logistics plays a big role in store remodels for many retail locations across the nation. Let's take a look at the process and timeline involved.






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