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Locating the Hidden Tunnels Beneath the Pyramid of the Moon

Alan Wood & Partners LOCATING THE HIDDEN TUNNELS BENEATH THE PYRAMID OF THE MOON Earlier this year, archaeologists found a hidden tunnel and a chamber beneath the Pyramid of the Moon in Mexico. The team used a new technique - Electrical Resistance Technology, to pinpoint the new find. Here are some key stats about the Pyramid of the Moon and the new discovery. up to 400 B.C 1300 A.D 200,000 The year the site was established Aztecs found the Number of inhabitants ruins of the city at its peak 46 m 168 m2 8 m Height of the Pyramid of the Moon Depth of the tunnel beneath the pyramid The area that the pyramid covers Topographical Surveying The methods used to locate the tunnels is known as Electrical Resistance Technology. It allows the experts to create scans of underground areas without actually disturbing them. LIDAR can produce similar results for above ground features. It is often used in Topographical Surveying. Topographic Surveys are used to identify and map the contours of the ground. Domestically, this Usually includes trees, buildings, streets, walkways, manholes, utility poles and retaining walls. If the purpose of the survey is to serve as a base map for the design of a residence or building, or design a road or driveway, it may be necessary to show perimeter boundary lines in order for a designer to accurately show potential setbacks. LIDAR Electrical Resistance Technology In some ways LIDAR is similar to Radar and Sonar, however it uses a laser, rather than radio or sound waves. A LIDAR system measures how long light takes to hit objects and reflect it back to the scanner. By measuring the distances at multiple points, the information can be use to build a 3D generated map. Electric resistivity techniques are a form of geophysical surveying that can create images of areas below the ground surface. The method requires placing regularly spaced electrodes to send currents into the ground. Returned information is then used to analyse differences in electric potential to identify subsurface material. In support of core business activity, Alan Wood & Partners has developed an in-house team of experienced land surveyors offering high quality and accurate topographical surveys. This is essential on any project and will avoid costly mistakes or unforeseen issues on any project. Their team will use their knowledge of the construction sector to ensure all information that is vital to the design, planning and delivery of a project is captured, regardless of specification oversight. Alan Wood & Partners use the most appropriate technology to capture and process data to give outputs of the highest standard, delivered in whatever format is required – paper or digital. Alan Wood & Partners have seven offices across the UK - Hull, Leeds, Lincoln, London, Scarborough, Sheffield and York. Established in Hull in the 1960's, Alan Wood & Partners provide a comprehensive range of engineering services to the construction industry. Alan Wood & Partners are proud to deliver outstanding customer care, delivered specialist teams, with the skills and experience required. Alan Wood & Partners

Locating the Hidden Tunnels Beneath the Pyramid of the Moon

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This infographic highlights some key stats about the Pyramid of the Moon and the new discovery.


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