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The Life of a Coffin

THE LIFE OF A COFFIN The word Coffin Latin cophinus, which translates THE WORD CASKET IS USED MAINLY IN NORTH AMERICA; comes from the A CASKET HAS FOUR SIDES, A TOP AND BOTTOM, (RECTANGULAR SHAPED.) A COFFIN HAS SIX SIDES, WITΗΑ ΤOP AND BOTTO M , (Η EXAGO NAL SHΑΡED.) into basket. The word was first On an average, used in the English language in 1380. the weight ranges between IO0-30O lbs. When used to transport the deceased, a coffin may also be referred to as a pall. Almond Fisk patented The fear of being buried alive was rampant in the late 1700 and 1800's. This was due in part to the cholera epidemic and rumors of live burials. the first cast-iron casket In response to these fears a safety coffin was developed. The Materials Used 1848. The coffin would include a mechanism that allowed the occupant to signal in that he/she had been buried alive. Usually it was a cord attached to a bell. 12.5% Cloth covered caskets (including products used in cremation); It was shaped like 14-15% Hardwood caskets (including products used in cremation); sarcophagus, 16-17% Non-gasketed steel caskets; weighed over 45-46% Gasketed steel caskets; 300 pounds 3% Copper or bronze caskets; 3% Stainless steel caskets; and cost up to $IOo. 3% Infant and children's caskets of various designs and materials; In 1848 Wooden coffins .5% Composite or fiberglass products. sold for I to $3.00. In 2007 over 1,700,000 caskets were sold. Of those, over 800,000 were steel gasketed, over 300,000 were hardwood caskets, and just under 200,000 were cloth covered. HEAVY METAL By the 1960's, steel casket production had grown to 50% of the market. By the 1970's, nearly two-thirds of all caskets were metal. Today, it is mainly stainless steel caskets that are used. Caskets are available in 16 – 18 – 19 – 20 and 22-gauge steel. Metal caskets can also be made in bronze and copper. The less expensive metal caskets are made of the higher gauge of stainless steel. WE USE ENOUGH METAL IN OUR CASKETS EVERY YEAR TO REBUILD THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE. Twitter@Passarelnc Facebook Tumblr TM

The Life of a Coffin

shared by Passare on Dec 15
Coffins and caskets are very alike. They both can either be made of steel or wood, they both decompose naturally into the soil, and they are both used to hold our loved ones as we place them into the ...




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