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Learn About School Boiler Systems

THE PETER SMITH VALVE COMPANY LTD wWW.PETERSMITHVALVE.CO.UK LEARN ABOUT SCHOOL BOILER SYSTEMS A school with no heating and hot water is a closed school, so a reliable boiler and heating system is essential to their smooth operation. Educate yourself with this overview of a typical boiler system, as well as some of the valves often used in them. HOW IS A SCHOOL BOILER USED? НЕАТ HOT WATER 00 Schools are very often large buildings that require a substantial heating system Hot water is needed in schools for a number of reasons, such as to provide heat to all of their hand-washing facilities and in various rooms. There are kitchens. The Education minimum temperatures set out by Education (School Premises) Regulations 1999, Regulations stipulate that the temperature of hot water at the point of use must not pose a scalding risk. that must be maintained. A TYPICAL BOILER SYSTEM BOILER HOT WATER PIPE COLD WATER PIPE RADIATORS Thermal energy is carried by hot water from the boiler, through pipework to radiators - this is where most energy transfer occurs. As thermal energy is transferred from the water, it gets cooler. This cold water no longer has enough thermal energy to heat a room, so instead of going directly to another radiator, it flows into a return pipe and back to the boiler where it can be heated again. TYPES OF VALVES IN A BOILER Boiler systems use a range of valve types including: BALL VALVE GATE VALVE DOUBLE BLOCK AND BLEED VALVE CHECK VALVE Double Block and Bleed valves allow the operator to isolate a section of pipework for maintenance. They can be found in the gas supply line to boilers and can be used in parts of pipe conveying systems where a section needs to be cut off, drained and worked on. Here is a diagram of a Double Block and Bleed valve. BLOCK VALVE BLOCK VALVE BLEED FLANGE PROCESS FLUID DRAIN VALVE The Peter Smith Valve Company Limited are specialists in the design and manufacturing of Double Block and Bleed valves and other small to medium high quality valves for the control of fluids and gases in most pipe conveying systems. For more information on our products visit THE Peter Smith Valve Company Limited PETER SMITH VALVE Occupation Road, Cinderhill Road Bulwell, Nottingham NG6 8RX COMPANY LTD T: +44 (0)115 927 2831

Learn About School Boiler Systems

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Here is an overview of a typical school boiler system, as well as some of the valves often used in them.


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