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Kid Quiz Thanksgiving Food

KID QUIZ What Thanksgiving Food Are Yous Check to see whether you answered mostly A, B, C, or D, then look below to see which Thanksgiving dish you are! by Corey Michael Dalton What's the best thing about Thanksgiving? The food! But what dish would you be if you were served on the Thanksgiving table? Take this quiz and find out! Mostly A: You're cranberry sauce! A few unadventurous people might be scared to give you a try, but those who do get to know you love you like crazy. 1. People say your personality a. is a little sour. 5. If you could travel anywhere in the U.S., you would go to a a. swamp in Massachusetts. b. forest in Missouri. b. puts them to sleep. c. is comforting. d. is sweet. Mostly B: Hello, turkey! When you're not foraging for food, you're showing off your flashy tail. At dinnertime, you get served with c. field in Idaho. d. hill in Illinois. 2. Your perfect Saturday 6. Your biggest flaw is that you would involve a. kicking back in the pool. b. hiking in the woods. c. playing in the mud. d. taking in some rays. a. can be a little acidic. b. don't work well alone. C. are sometimes a little bland. d. can be crusty. 3. When you grow up, you 7. You don't mind a. getting soaking wet. b. eating mainly nuts and berries. c. getting dirty. d. working in the sun. want to a. become a fitness expert. b. learn to fly. c. become a farmer. d. be a sculptor. Mostly C: You are a big old lump of mashed potatoes! Some people might think you're a little "everyday," but the rest of us know you're the best part of the meal. 8. Your favorite outfit is a. shiny and red. b. a combination of lots of colors. 4. You love the taste of a. fresh fruit. b. sage and other spices. C. milk and butter. c. brown and lumpy. d. bright orange. d. cinnamon and clove. 9. Your ideal home is Mostly D: Guess you really are sweet as pie-pumpkin pie, that is! Most people look forward to hanging with you, while oth- ers think you're just too good to be true. a. on the water. b. in the middle of nowhere. c. underground. d. near your friends. 16 17

Kid Quiz Thanksgiving Food

shared by amandadolson on Dec 03
An infographic/quiz created for Jack and Jill Magazine. Children were to answer questions from the quiz to determine what Thanksgiving food they were.






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