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Job Hunting Graduate Tips

HOLYMOLEYJOBS.COM JOBHUNTING Graduate TIPS Don't Be Afraid of the 'Big Bad Media' The Office for National Statistics brought out a 2013 report that stated there was an average of 46 applicants per graduate job. But this 'statistic' does not include thousands of jobs out there that offer 18 - 24k (average graduate job starting salary). The 'statistic' also doesn't include the jobs that are secured by graduates who make speculative applications to small businesses, or the smaller internship positions that become fulltime positions after a few months. This is just one example of pessimistic media headlines can be deceiving. Ignore them and focus on you and what you can do to achieve your job hunting goals. Who ARE you? Before you put your goggles on and dive into the deep musty job market you might want to self assess what exactly you have to offer. No matter how enthusiastic you are it's highly unlikely that your Degree in History will put you on the medical sciences career ladder. Take a look all that you have to offer. With this knowledge you can filter your job search and focus on making applications for jobs that you'll have a good chance of getting. Is it the Best Industry to go into? 3 That Internet has been gobbling up industries all over the place over the last decade. With regards to job hunting, you must research the industry that you want to go into and ensure that it is likely to still exist in a few years time. Some industries aren't sustainable any more with the constant advances in technology. Other industries may be in the process of transitioning to a better life online and this could create brand new positions that didn't exist before - thaƄ's your opportunity to market yourself as the young fresh talent that they need to carry out those roles. Any Work Experience is Desirable Even if you were selling southern fried chicken to drunk stragglers of the night you can still find something positive to say about the experience. Any job you've done shows you're able to put a shift in and will most likely have given you skills that you weren't even aware you'd gained such as team work and being able to use your initiative effectively. Don't underestimate these attributes and be confident when talking them up in applications and interviews. 5 Look into doing Internships Doing an internship will give you solid professional experience that will help give your CV a lot more substance and there's also a chance that an internship will turn into a permanent position. Internships and graduate schemes provide great professional experience to graduates and are highly recommended pursuits but make sure you know your rights so you can avoid getting exploited by greedy businesses looking for work for less. 6 Do you need a Postgraduate Degree? Doing a postgraduate degree will give you a greater knowledge of a specific subject, look good on your CV and of course enable you to milk some of those student discounts for a bit longer. But if an employer has a choice between choosing a candidate who has a Bachelor's degree and a Masters degree or a candidate who has a Bachelor's degree and a bit of relevant work experience then they will almost always pick the latter. If you are completely lost over what you want to do with your life then a postgraduate degree might buy you the time to ponder some more but getting decent work experience can more effectively propel you in a career direction. @holymoleyjobs

Job Hunting Graduate Tips

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of new graduates come pouring out of university and down the treacherous choppy waters of the job market. Some will sail effortlessly into the valleys of career prosp...


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