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The Islamic State: What You Need to Know

ISLAMIC STATE THE WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The terrorist group known as the Islamic State. ISIS and ISIL poses a major international crisis for the United States and the rest of the world. What is the group's history, and why is it so dangerous? RISE TO POWER WHAT IS THEIR GOAL? Strict enforcement of Sharia law. While application of Sharia law is different in each area where it's in place, it can include strict penalties for: 2004 Abu Musab al-Zarqawl establishes al-Qalda In Iraq. Under his leadershlp, Unlawful sexual Wine the group trles to Incite intercourse drinking sectarlan war between Sunni and Shilte Muslims. The group finds support after the U.S. occupatlon of Iraq and a three-year civil war in Syrla. June 7, 2006 Al-Zarqawl Is killed in a U.S. strike. Abu Ayyub al-Masrl, also known as Abu Hamza al-Muhajer, takes his place. Theft and robbery In addition to enforcing anclent laws, the group has also engaged In ethnic and religlous cleanslng, according to the United Natlons. WHERE DO THEY GET THEIR MONEY? October 2006 al-Masri announces the creation of Islamic State In Iraq and Installs Abu Omar al-Baghdadl as Its leader. The Islamic State is an extremely well-funded group, getting its money from a variety of sources including: April 2010 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadl becomes leader of ISI after Abu Omar al-Baghdadl and al-Masri are killed in a jolnt U.S.-Iraql operatlon. Kidnapping Oil sales Robberles ransom Much Ilke a traditional company, Islamlc State's Individual terrorist cells are required to send up to February 2014 20% Al-Qalda renounces tles to ISIS after months of Inflghting between groups linked to each terrorist organization. OF THEIR INCOME from local kldnapping and extortion to the next level of leadershlp, who would May 2014 then decide where the money should go. ISIS kidnaps more than 140 Kurdish schoolboys In Syrla, forcing them to take lessons In radical Islamic theology. The group even puts together annual reports detailing their terrorist activities. Their annual report for 2011-2012 showed they had carried out thousands of attacks in Iraq, including: June 2014 18 ISIS selzes Mosul's alrports, TV stations and govemor's office and frees about 1,000 SUICIDE VEST OPERATIONS prisoners. The group also takes control of Mosul, Tikrit and Al-Qalm, a 330 town near the Syrlan border. ISIS declares Itself the leader of a callphate (Islamic state) that erases SUICIDE VEHICLE IEDS all national borders and makes al-Baghdadi the self-declared authorlty 22 over the world's June 30, 2014 estimated 1.5 bllllon Muslims. The group also says Its new name Is the Islamlc State (IS). The U.S. agrees to send an additional 300 troops to Iraq to add securlty to the U.S. embassy and the Baghdad alrport. REMOTE VEHICLE BOMBS 3,412 IEDS 633 ASSASSINATIONS Aug. 8, 2014 President Barack Obama 20 authorizes what he calls "targeted alrstrikes" if needed to protect U.S. personnel from fighters Aug. 19, 2014 SNIPER OPERATIONS A gruesome video shows American Journalist James Foley belng beheaded by ISS militants. Foley had been missing In Syrla since with ISIS. $420 $2 2012. MILLION BILLION Estimated amount stolen Group's estimated from banks in Mosul cash on hand when the group took control of the city Sept. 2, 2014 Another video post by ISIS shows millitants beheading another, Steve Sotloff, also an American Journallst. Sept. 13, 2014 WHAT SHOULD WE DO? ISIS releases a video of a third hostage belng beheaded, British ald worker David Halnes. In addition to increasing troop levels in Iraq, many Americans believe President Barack Obama should engage in further actions against ISIS. Sept. 18, 2014 President Obama says 76% more than 40 countries have pledged assistance in the battle agalnst ISIS, 62% Including France. support sending military ald to forces fighting ISIS. favor additional Sept. 20, 2014 ISIS frees 49 hostages alrstrikes. who had been selzed from the Turkish consulate In June, though It's unclear how they were freed. 38% 83% want to provide approve of placing more troops on the ground in Iraq and Syrla. humanitarlan ald for those fleelng ISIS. SOURCES INFO GRAPHIC WORLD DESIGNED BY

The Islamic State: What You Need to Know

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You can’t pick up a paper or turn on a news station without hearing the harrowing acronym, “ISIS”. Whether you’re up to date on the latest happenings, or are just starting to look into who, wh...




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