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Irritating Interview Questions

HOLYMOLEYJOBS.COM Irritating Interview Questions Questions? Yourself any About have Tell me Do you A Nork Work Work Work DO DO Research the company beforehand and prepare. Keep it Professional Ask questions you are genuinely interested in knowing the Talk about things that make you sound enthusiastic, committed, and hard-working. answer for. Limit yourself to one or two questions to avoid irritating the interviewer. DON'T Go into Social Life or hobbies unless they are relevant. DON'T X Ask questions about whether you are successful, or other intrusive comments. X Ask something irrelevant to the company or your potential position. Greatest Weaknesses? Vou see yoursels BRB! DO DO | are you looking for? Salary Take the opportunity to show you are determined to tackle your Draw parallels between the role and where you'd like to go. weaknesses. Show that it is within your interests to work hard for them. Try turn it into an advantage or understate it. Be honest - this makes you more trustable to employers. DON'T DON'T X Lie about how dedicated you are, this may backfire against you. Go for clichés like I'm a workaholic'! DO X Be too Negative Research average salaries for the role. Use a realistic figure based on your experience. DON'T X Be unrealistic X Undervalue yourself @holymoleyjobs What are your What sort of Where do you e in five years?

Irritating Interview Questions

shared by holymoleyjobs on Apr 02
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There are a few questions that come up regularly in interviews that are painstakingly annoying. They trap you between giving an honest answer and giving a clichéd answer and leave you squirming to fi...




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