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Interesting Facts about Summer Fire Trends in Canada

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT SUMMER FIRE TRENDS IN CANADA ORIGIN AND CAUSE ANALYZED 200 RANDOM CASES THEY RECEIVED. HERE ARE THE INTERESTING FACTS THAT WERE FOUND. LOCATION OF FIRE 74% 18% VEHICLE 8% 3% UNDETERMINED 65%INDOOR 32% OUTDOOR OUTDOOR TOP 5 ROOMS THAT RESIDENTIAL FIRES OCCUR IN: BEDROOM 15% 16322 KITCHEN 32% 12% FAMILY ROOM 8% 65% BASEMENT 5% CLAUNDRY ROOM 5% THE CAUSE OFA FIRE CAN BE CATEGORIZED INTO 4 CLASSIFICATIONS THE GUIDE FOR FIRE AND EXPLOSION INVESTIGATIONS, NFPA 921 DEFINES THESE CLASSIFICATIONS AS FOLLOWS: 57% 31% ACCIDENTAL FIRE CAUSE UNDETERMINED FIRE CAUSE Accidental fires involve all those for which the proven cause does not involve a intentional human act to Whenever the cause cannot be proven to an acceptable level of certainty, the proper classification is undetermined. Undetermined fire causes have insuffi- cient information to classify further. ignite or spread fire into an area where the fire should not be. EQUIPMENT FAILURE/MALFUNCTION 6% OTHER 7% COOKING FIRE SUSPECT ARSON 14% 10% SMOKING MATERIALS SUSPECT IMPROPER USE 18% 21% IMPROPER USE UNKNOWN 28% 26% ELECTRICAL SUSPECT ELECTRICAL 34% 36% NCENDIARY 10% 2% INCENDIARY FIRE CAUSE NATURAL FIRE CAUSE The incendiary fire is one intentionally ignited under circumstances in which the person knows that the fire should not be ignited. Natural fire causes involve fires caused without direct human inter- vention or action, such as fire result- ing from lightning, earthquake and wind. FLAMMABLE ACCELERANT UNDETERMINED 19% 2% IGNITION OF COMBUSTIBLE MATERIAL LIGHTENING 81% 98% SOURCE: ORIGIN AND CAUSE INC. ONTARIO FIRE MARSHALL, FIRE LOSS IN ONTARIO 2009-2013 Causes, Trends and Issues, FireStatistics/OntarioFires/FirelossesCausesTrendslssues/stats causes.html NFPA 921 Guide THESE STATISTICS ARE BASED ON A RANDOM SELECTION OF 200 FIRES ACROSS CANADA RECEIVED AT O&C IN THE MONTHS JUNE AND JULY OF 2014. CANADA'S LARGEST CONSULTING FORENSIC ENGINEERING AND FIRE INVESTIGATION FIRM Origin and Cause provides cross-disciplinary forensic expertise to insurance companies, law firms, independent adjusters, manufacturers and corporate risk managers. We have been a trusted leader for over 20 years, helping our clients discover the truth by determining the facts through expert investigation. Our team has completed over 30,000 cases, so you know you are working with highly trained, extremely skilled professionals with years of hands-on experience. QORIGIN CAUSE 1888 624 3473 I INFO@ORIGIN-AND-CAUSE.COM O wwW.ORIGIN-AND-CAUSECOM O FIRE & EXPLOSION INVESTIGATION INDOOR ACCIDENTAL UNDETERMAL ATURAL

Interesting Facts about Summer Fire Trends in Canada

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Origin and Cause analyzed 200 random cases they received. Here are the interesting facts that were found.


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