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IntelliHire BRINGING TALENT INTO FOCUS Is your current hiring process taking too much of your cost and time? Hiring Manager or Department head requests new hiring The Process of Hiring starts with. > We have an alternative that will save time and money and improve the overall business HR. approves request and defines Job Position 2 Desned by It takes typically 3 hours for this step With IntelliHire only this first step takes 4 hours.and then Total of Total of Time taken This side shows how hiring is done with IntelliHire and how this process will save time This side shows how hiring time taken in normal is done in a typical office using IntelliHire process and money and improve the overall business Automatic Job Posting Manual Job Posting 6. 4 Automated job Posting in various channels ike Monster, CareerBuilder, Manual Job Posting in various Channels by HR. Department Job hours hours Posted Craigslist, Employee Local network, Recruiters, Head Hunters etc. O hours 3 hours Candidates Apply via 4 Candidates Apply Directly on IntelliHire Site traditional methods hours so far Candidates Apply hours O hours O hours No Need to Print Resumes. HR. Prints resumes & cover letters 7 4 Save on printing cost O hours 1 hour hours Printing hours resumes HR, Reviews Resumes. It's not necessary to review resumes. However, resumes are centrally stored on portal site connected to each job applicant O hours Still 12 hours Cover letter, Letter of Resume 4. recommendations Review hours 5 hours IntelliHire automatically sorts & ranks candidates HR. sorts candidates 13 4 hours 1 hour hours Sorting ***** ***** ***** O hours IntelliHire automatically pre-screens & Scores candidates $$$ HR. Calls Canidates 17 4 Pre-Screening hours hours 4 hour interview Score 9 O hours Score IntelliHire automatically interviews candidates by using web cams to simulate an interactive in-person interview over the internet. 21 Ist interviewe6 This can be used to conduct the Ist, 2nd, and 3rd interview automatically without engaging HR. dept. resources hours [In-Person) DE hours HR. Conducts 1st interview 2 hours 4 hour HR Conducts Interpersonal 23 6. IntelliHire automatically test candidates skills for the job O hours Assessments Interpersonal hours hours 2 hour Assessments 24 7 HR Calls hours hours candidate references 1 hour 12 HR conducts in-depth background, drug, & employment eligibility check This stage may take 1-3 days to process. HR conducts 2nd interview with InteliHire provides HR. departments with the capability hiring manager (in-person) 27 9. to perform a live interview via webcam to conduct a 3 hour hours 2nd Interview hours true face-to-face interview right on the IntelliHire site. 4 hour fIn-Person) HR, hiring mgr, dept head, conducts interview (in-person) 30 11 Interview hours hours 3 hour by Heads (In-Person) InteliHire automatically displays the top candidates based on objective and subjective scoring. HR compares top candidates 33 11 Comparison of top candidates Employers can collaborate on-line to make the best decision O hour 3 hour hours hours With IntelliHire you can HR, Extends Job Offer Candidate Accepts Offer save considerable time [In Person) [In-Person & effort involved in Hiring Process 16 17 $5,054 22.5 was the average cost-per-hire for 2010-11 recruiting season, while the median cost was $2,906. Respondents reported increased spending on recruiting trips for FY2012 days are consumed on a average from the time of interview to offer Information retrieved from http://www.naceweb.organd So is there a solution ? IntelliHire Yes, with IntelliHire you can save cost and time by leaving your worries to experts. Hire Intelligently with IntelliHire RINGING TALENT IN1010C


shared by TheDreamerDesigns on Jun 26
IntelliHire is a suite of online tools that makes the hiring process easier. TDD made infographic showing the process intellihire follows for making hiring super easy.



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