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The Insipid World of Infographics

The INSIPID World of Infographics Infographics typically focus on random and fleeting subjects.. things that someone might find interesting for about 93 seconds! The average Infographic is 1000 pixels wide and over 3000 pixels tall. On average 1 out of every 8 words has a differing characteristic. Typography is neat! That's 3,000,000 pixels! 50% of Infographics contain at least one misspeling. About 13% of designers and statisticians don't even own a dictionary! Abc It's about time for a chart isn't it? On average, the distribution of infographics is.. Recyled News 15% Useful 10% Uninteresting 50% Link Whoring ► This Infographic 25% Did you know... President Obama's curently proposed Infographic Bill will limit the use and publication of infographics. United States population Agree with the bill 68% Disagree with the bill 33% Frightened the bill is socialist 12% (that doesn't even add up to 100%) Cute, popular, or controversial icons are used throughout an infographic so that the limited attention span of the average internet user isn't irrevocably lost. NFL Infographics were not invented for the Internet, but rather newspapers, which are collections of folded paper that have news printed on them. People that write for newspapers are called 'journalists' and often have degrees. They research and educate themselves on topics before regurgitating information haphazardly. NEWS In order for something to be called an infographic, all it needs is a random fact, interesting typography, and a picture! Infographics • Websites that have pictures • Street Signs • Art that is signed • Screen grabs of movies that have closed captioning • Your awesome WOOT T-shirt Not Infographics • Picture-less articles (borrrring) • TV shows like Lost (it's still good though) • News broadcasts • Books that don't have pictures • Menus (except Denny's) Photographs • E-mail • Word play refrigerator magnets • Maps • A print-out of your twitter page Did you knew? Everything on this infographic was made up. (If you didn't know that by now, it's too late for you) REFERENCES 1. Serously? You think this is somehow based on fact... 2. How about l just throw some links or book titles down her? 3. 4. "Infographics for Dummies" 5. How's that look? 6. What if I reference myself? 7. 8. 9. You should stop reading this already. 10. I mean it. There are no citations. 11. This is not an MLA certified essay or something... 12. The Census Bureau 2010 Study 13. I know this looks nicely made and all 14. But that's prety much al it is 15. Try googling infographic and raed some of them 16. Does anybody remember Ben Stein? 17.I heard that guy is selling fake credit score websites 18. He should probably read an infographic 19. About those credit score companies 20. Wikipedia has a really long article on infographics 21. 22. It's actualy an interesting read 23. I don't hate infographics 24. I just had a bad experience with them as a child

The Insipid World of Infographics

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What is an infographic and what is it used for? This infographic illustrates basic facts about infographics as well as providing examples. For instance infographics tend to focus on random and fleet...


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