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Inside Ink: Tattoo Culture From Around the World

Tattoo culture from around the world Tattoos are hugely popular, but they're not a new phenomenon, they have been a huge part of cultures throughout the world's history. So what do tattoos mean to different people? What designs are the most popular? Well, let's take a look... Talfoo Desigus From Around the World Japanese Dragons Represent: Wisdom, Strength, Wind/Water Maori Tribal Bands known as; Moko Represent: Descent, Status, Tribal Affiliation Celtic Gothic Crosses Represent: Religion, Spirituality, Tribal Representation Chinese Symbols Represent: Love, Peace, Wisdom and Tranquillity Indian Intricate Patterns (often applied with Henna) Represent: Luck, Joy, Beauty It isn't just different countries that have a variety of tattoo designs, but different social groups and occupations too for example: V Atilitury Sailors S Flags, Crosses, Dog Tags, Sparrows, Anchors, Dragons, Ships Guns, Skulls Tattoos in the military are seen as a badge of honour or a memorial for a fallen comrade. For sailors, tattoos were seen as a talisman, a sign of luck; they were als o seen as milestones in the life of a sailor. Prisoners Spiders, Cobwebs, Point Crowns, Skulls, Teardrops 复 、 爆 Teardrops at the corners of the eyes represent time spent in prison, murders committed, or deaths of fellow gang members. The fop 9spos for lulioos 8 Chest/ Breast Neck 9. 6. Вack 5 1 Lower Вack Bicep 7. Sleeve Wrist (whole arm) Foot 4. Ankle Weird & Wonderful Facts: The Latin word for "tattoo" is stigma. The skin is pierced between 50 and 3,000 times a minute by a tattoo machine when getting a tattoo. Men are more likely to have a tattoo than women. Animals are the most common subject matter of tattooing in many culture both contemporary and historically. In Japan, tattooing is called irezumi. Early tattooing methods included the use of chisels, rakes, picks or even soot-covered thread! Popular Contemporary Tattoo Designs Many celebrities have star tattoos. This design is commonly found on the wrist, Influenced by the tattoos of the Maori tribes; tribal tattoos back and ankle - it is around the top of the fun, flirty and arm and across the fashionable! shoulders are hugely popular. It signifies strength and power. This design is popular throughout many modern cultures This gothic design is and countries often chosen in popular with memory of a lost those who wish loved one. to express their religion, however some people just love the intricate design! The heart is often chosen together with writing such as a - what better way to show someone that you partner's name love them?!..just don't break up afterwards... Tattoos are a huge part of modern culture, but don't forget the history behind them - be inspired by the tattoos from ancient cultures and be creative! infographic brought to you by body SHOCK 愛 2. 3. S Angels/ Stars

Inside Ink: Tattoo Culture From Around the World

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Tattoos are a stunning part of today's society. Talented tattoo artists show off their skill with traditional tribal designs and beautiful contemporary watercolour effects. Here we take a look at tatt...


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