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Inks: an Economic/Sustainable/ Practice analysis

INKS: AN ECONOMIC/ SUSTAINABLE PRACTICE ANALYSIS FUNDED BY ELECTRIC RUBBER" C00 Water 55% India Ink 63% Carbon Polymer 21% India Ink 51% 60% BALLPOINT INK Castor ON 16% FOUNTAIN INK INDIA INK Beet Juice 25% Black Carbon 34% BEET INK $2.49/oz $.98/oz Dloic Acit 18% $1.03/oz $.65/oz Plasticizer 134 Surtacants Vegetable Gum 11% Oleic Acid Sugar 11% 11% N BREAKDOW 4% Calcium Carbonate 31% Glycol -18% Glycol 20% UV Solvents 22% Rubber Resin 24% Plastics 20% Phenolics 165 INKJET INK Dyes 1796 TATTOO INK SILKSCREEN INK LETTERPRESS INK $17.28/oz Carbon Black 114 Dyes 17% $19.30/oz $7.04/oz Silica Quartz 199% $4.45/oz MENIAL BREAKDONN Methanol 11% Water 30% Polymer Resin 31% Polymer Resin 42 Iron Oxide 23% Sultonated Edbene 11% Alcohol 11% Ethene Zine Oxide 13% BREAKDOWN 35 20 13 "Synthetic is usualy used in the sense of synthesis, the combination of two or more parts, whether by design or by natural processes Furthermore, it may imoly being prepared or made artficialy, in contrast to naturaly ** "Environmental Breakdown is measured by estimated years for the compounds to break đown to a natural state. Synthetic elements take longer to break down. Each line represents a year" BEET INK INDIA INK NATURAL INGREDIENTS FOUNTAIN INK BALLPOINT INK LETTERPRESS INK SILKSCREEN INK ATTOO INK YEARS SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS LASERJET INK EIRONMENTAL BAE ENVIRONMENTAL BREAKDOW IRONMENTAL BREAK ENVIRONMENTAL BREAKDO IRONMENTAL BREAS ENVIRONMENT

Inks: an Economic/Sustainable/ Practice analysis

shared by lane.kinkade on Sep 20
Senior year information design project. It shows a comparision of inks based on cost and enviromental breakdown.


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