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infographic about match-fixing

TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL MATCH-FIXING IN LITHUANIA A survey to interview 259 professional basketball players from LKL, NLK and LMKL clubs as well as 100 football players from LFF A league and 1012 residents was requested by "Transparency International" Lithuanian Chapter in 2013. While athletes were asked if match-fixing is a common practice in Lithuania, why and how it is proceeded, Lithuanian residents were asked if integrity in sport matters and how they acted in case they knew about match-fixing. Lietuvos skyrius HOW WOULD YOU ACT IF YOU KNEW THAT THE ATHLETES PARTICIPATE IN DOES INTEGRITY IN SPORTS MATTER TO YOU? IN YOUR KNOWLEDGE, DO SPORTSMEN BET WHEN: IN YOUR OPINION, HOW PREVALENT IS MATCH-FIXING? MATCH-FIXING? BETTING ΡΟINT Although the Codes of conduct both of Football and Basketball federations prohibit the athletes to bet, they do bet quite often either on their own matches or when the other clubs play. More than half of football players and one third of basketball players believe that match-fixing is prevalent in Lithuania. Although many athletes do not think that match-fixing is a problem, integrity in sports matters to majority of Lithuanian residents. Most of them would stop supporting the teams and watching the matches if they got aware of match-fixing. YES - 68% Other sport teams play 13% 42% 24% 15% 6% 人 A 18.3% Would stop buying the tickets 60% Would stop supporting the teams 67.2% Often, sometimes 11% Would stop buying 12% Would stop betting 51.2% Would stop watching the matches sport accessories 24.5% Rarely, never 8.3% Did not indicate 入 NAIRRA K た NO - 14.8% 3.9% 27% 51% 13.1% 5% They play themselves DO NOT KNOW - 17.2% 42.4% Often, sometimes HAVE YOU EVER HEARD THAT SPORTSMEN ARE UNDER PRESSURE TO PARTICIPATE IN MATCH-FIXING? 42.1% of basketball players and 38% of football players have heard about their colleagues being under pressure at least once. According to football and basketball players the sportsmen participate in match-fixing due to financial reasons: wish to get extra money, poor personal financial situation, iregular salaries. 38% Happened 42.1% Happened 47.3% Rarely, never 10.3% Did not indicate at least once at least once • Very prevalent O Prevalent ONot prevalent 52% Never 55.6% Never O Not prevalent at all O Did not indicate IN YOUR OPINION, WHY THE ATHLETES PARTICIPATE IN 10% Did not indicate 2.3% Did not indicate 84.2% Did not participate 0.7% Did not indicate МАТCH-FIXING? 15.1% Participated/ knew / suspected Irregular salaries Did not indicate IN YOUR OPINION, MATCH-FIXING IN LITHUANIA IS...? 13% Poor personal financial situation Low salary 8% Athletes do not participate in match-fixing 3% Unstable financial 3% situation of the clubs 16% 0.6% Did not indicate 3% Place on the tournament board 2% Passion, pleasure 2% Shortage of financial support 21% Participated/ HAVE YOU EVER PARTICIPATED IN A 16.4% knew / suspected MATCH THAT WAS FIXED HOW YOU Desire to earn 52% extra money 0.6% Doctors (0.6% Others /1.7% Representatives of " the criminal world KNEW OR SUSPECTED? Not a problem 79.5% No 45.1% Not a big problem 25.9% Judges Friends, acquaintances 72% Did not participate Other football / basketball players s4x A big problem Unknown persons 12% IN YOUR KNOWLEDGE, WHO OFFERS TO 83% No 20.5% Yes 7.5% Coaches 15% Yes A very Droblem 7% Did not indicate PARTICIPATE IN 78% Have never been in such a situation MATCH-FIXING? 13.9% 24% Ex colleagues Representatives of the betting companies 18.4% 20.9% Owners of the club Did not indicate International practise shows that ussualy the sporsmen are approached by persons they know and trust. Lithuanian athletes that were interviewed for the survey also HAVE YOU EVER GOT AN OFFER TO PARTICIPATE IN MATCH-FIXING? eed with this statement. According to them, their colleagues, ex colleagues and the owners of the clubs are the ones whe usually suggest to take part in match-fix- ing. Some of them also referred to betting companies and their coaches. agr With the financial suppert of the Buropean Commisdion - Directorate General Education and Culture. The sole responsibiity for the content of this material Fes with the auther and the European Commission is net respensible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

infographic about match-fixing

shared by iliustracijos on Jan 23
infographic we made for Transparency International about match-fixing in Lithuania.


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